Sometimes I wonder why my life is the way it is. The world twisting and turning everything that comes into my life, either it being good or it just being really bad. Here I found something so beautiful, grasping onto it and loving it like no other. Believing in it and watching it grow as time goes on only to have it yanked away as fate tests it on a subconscious level. I know that I'm forsakened for the rest of my life because of the lifestyle I choose to live, and I would never want to burden anyone with that unless they choose to carry that burden along with me. Sadly the case is that not many people are able to deal with such pain and move past it to what they know is true in their mind. This is for that person that cannot use me as their pillar, the person whom I let into my life, I apologize for what I've done. And because once you stepped over that one line that you cant return from, and from here on out you need guidance until you complete your quest at hand. Then maybe, your dreams will change, and any doubt that you may have. Because even though I have those nightmares that I more or less never told you about, I wake up knowing what's real and what I look forward to doing, who I look forward to spending my time with. Since in the end I know what I woke up from, a dream. And when I wake up I know what I feel about you, that will never change and that's how strong my love is. No matter what anyone else tells me, even my dream, I will always believe my heart because it is what keeps my alive.

The Grim Reaper
Luchian Kurai