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~Your Life may Possibly Suck so Either way Read About my Adventures if You Would Like~ These are all memories of me being drunk and vaguely remembering anything so in all honesty... don't take it at all serious or personal in anyway. Thank you

Zaku Viviteal
Community Member
WW2 & Vietnam: ******** the AF with Your Cooool Planes!!
So during World War 1 there were people that were worried about people using biplanes with machine guns attached to them to shoot the infantry. Very useless. The biplane pilots were very inaccurate on shooting the ground troops, transportation and eventually just stuck to the skies as what they decided to call "Dog Fights" cause they would dog each other on and fight... thus the name Dog Fights.

In World War 2 jet propulsion was introduced to these limber aircraft also along with a stronger inner skeleton and aluminum shell which gave the air crafts the ability to sore higher and a higher percentage for the pilots survival. Also along with these new upgrades they introduced easier aim for the machine guns and also gave them the abilities to drop bombs of different sorts and torpedo rounds which eventually for Pearl Harbor, the Japanese placed a fender at the back end of the fan which gave it forward motion, were upgraded to float on top of the water over the coral reef.

The reason I am saying ******** you to the AFs is because during both times of WW2 and Vietnam, because the newly introduced military branch was specially set up to handle air-to-air and also air-to-ground combat... They, the ones handling the radios that received orders from ground troops who were possibly in the middle of a possible defeated battle, would just act like complete stupid a*****e power ego trippers. The AFs handling the radio would play stupid games such as:

A. If you're shooting at them or fighting we aren't going to bomb them.
1. When in consideration when fighting in a fire fight in order to slow down the attacking enemy from coming closer its a better idea to lay down cover and support fire.

B. If a place was needed to be bombed and we weren't fighting the enemy; they would explain with nonsense in their eyes reasonable excuses of, "Well if you aren't fighting them we aren't going to bomb them." "They aren't hurting anyone." etc.
1. This is the enemy we are talking about that has declared it self as enemies.. WTF are you talking about?

C. We would have to give a password or a magic word after having given the numbers to send out requested air support.
1. Those numbers are the ******** password and magic words.
2. Do I really have to say "Please oh mighty angels of the sky please save us with your miraculous metal containers that with your accurate precised aim will save us all, mankind and all of humanity."
The responses 2?
1. Is the "A" in angels a capitalized "A"?
2. Are you just saying that so we can help you or are you being honest?
3. Please stop yelling at me ma'am... I am doing the best I can in my stressed situation away from all the fighting and beautiful weather away from people dying.. can you please repeat that after you got the dirt out of your c**t?

There was so much anger from this unneeded response from a support team. A general even suggested to some ground troops at a temporarily base to just tell those retards to "Pick up their s**t, throw it out the window and be serious about this, because people are dying over here."

What the AF did in response at first was let the ground troops know they were sending out the requested air crafts immediately. . . with understanding of how the AF "rolls", they would stop firing and fighting completely... which well.. those aircraft never showed up and everyone was shot to death, taken in as POWs, and/or placed into "labor" camps.

The AFs finally came up with something "cool" to say in response to "Pick up your s**t, throw it out the window and be serious about this, because people are dying over here."

That was: "Alright... I've picked up my s**t, thrown it out the window, I am serious about this; there are no people dying over here where I am at." We would hear laughter before the static cut out.

It eventually got to the point where the ground forces stopped requesting help from the AF.

It was almost about the same with the helicopters.

1. There were machine gun turrets. You could fire them off, but you weren't allowed to hit the enemy.
2. If you destroyed anything with the bullets or hit an enemy; the pilot would stay in a mid-flight stand still... the ******** would just stay in one spot and hover until everyone bowed their heads and the person that destroyed whichever did a prayer asking for forgiveness.
3. Even getting a pick up or being dropped off at the designated spot was completely ridiculous.

I could go on about the AF... shoot.. when the truth finally came out of how the AF was acting, they were going to shut them down, but because all the ones that knew how to fly the aircraft refused to teach anyone else how to fly.. the government was placed into a stand-still and had no choice to keep the AF open.

These acts of stupid blind truths of ego power trippers continued for years to the point that a petition was signed to teach the AF a lesson while the rest of the military trained their own pilots.

This is a story about how a little kid pranked the entire AF

So this kid was about 9 years of age, from his past lives is known for many amazing feats he did on his own against battalions, when he went to a school friend's house for a sleep over on a AF base. When no one was around him when he was alone with his friend's sexy MILF of a mom, that kid started slyly discussing with her a "battle strategy"

of how he would put it in her, take it almost out, then slide it back in and keep repeating. Pull her hair; toss her into different positions, suck on her tits, kiss her neck, lips, while he keeps going in and out of her to the point she cums. He was going to show her who was more dominate between him and her If he comes inside of her before she comes; he'll keep it strong and keep giving her everything he has to hear her oooooh and aaaaah all the way to the end to when she cums and keep going harder and faster so that her orgasm is the best of the best of the best she has ever experienced. . . which may encourage her to ask for a second round and maybe more of something her husband wouldn't approve of since its way too advance for him to understand and if she wants to get into the more complicated advanced strategies... to invite 3 more of her friends that have vulvas and a clitoris and also mammary glands... and to get into the super super advanced stages... get about 25 of those type of friends and in the end they would love the one that gave them that"

She started going on about "Um... thank you i guess... but you're way too youn.."
He shushed her quiet then with a grin he said, "now remember.. this is a top secret strategy that i'd like to show you when i'm older" *wink*wink* "i could show you right now but as you may understand; there are laws about this stuff so i could show you now with complete privacy or wait til im older"

Her husband came in with an attitude, a mad one, telling the wife that he was going to call his mother because from what he overheard, this kid is talking about having a wild creampie orgy with the wife where he is the only male with tons of woman around for him to c** inside of.

That kid looked at him and responded, "Ay delusion boy scout.. did i not state this is top secret?!... if you know of top secret things then you would understand that there are code words used for every word.. only an official military man in the military that is part of the AF that wants things to be cool knows that"

That husband told his wife that he was going to give them privacy so the kid could show her the strategy and he was going make a few phone calls to the generals to let them know. He told the friend who invited him over for a sleep over to stay up stairs.. the kid and the mom needed privacy for the kid to show her and the husband went to make some phone calls.

The wife looked at the kid and said to him.. "well should i get started with the pants or do you wanna lead me through since you're the one with the intel mr. official military man?! from what you said.. im surprised and shocked.. but im more shocked cause im so turned on by you right now rolleyes sweatdrop ninja "

The kid looked at her and said "well to be honest.. theres a view things to point out:

1. Your husband is in the room just around the corner. (husband suggested he goes upstairs)

2. Your kids are upstairs and im worried they'll come down stairs (husband suggested when he goes upstairs he'll keep them busy)

3. the kid would need something more like a bed considering to show her this he would need a lot of flat comfortable space to roll around on and complete privacy (husband suggested they go into their bedroom, and he would take the kids out for ice cream or just go on a drive)

4. because of the possibilities of how long the strategy can last up to, considering it can be never ending *winks at the wife* excluding the time needed to freshen up, eat, use the restroom, shower and such which because of how this strategy works.. its possible to do so and keep up with hygienic car. (husband says out loud.. ima call his mom and see if we can keep him over for as long as needs be, so if anything; i'll just get a hotel and keep the boys with me so you stay here and take notes of everything)

5. I'm also gonna need a can of Pringles (wait... how the ******** is a can of pringles gonna help?!) [shes gonna take notes so dont ******** worry about it]

6. I also need lubrication and possibly condoms since I'm gonna be doing big boy things and dont be asking what i need lube and condoms for.. like i said.. its part of the battle strategy and your sexy wife will be taking every note inch for inch and possibly a little.. and thats about that it (why'd you just call her my sexy wife.. wait.. nevermind.. top secret code.. i got ya.. BOYS!!! GET YOUR SHOES.. WE'RE GOING OUT FOR ICE CREAM)

After the husband and kids went out the door.. the wife called up the kids mom.. the mom said "to be honest.. considering in past lives he was in the military and its top secret.. i say go for it.. the AF could always learn something new.

The wife got off the phone and told the kid that she just wanted to make sure it was okay with his "mom" before they did this.. she then started asking him how long and big his d**k is.

The kid looked up at her with a shy face and said "well.. i already said it out loud with your husband here.. inch for inch and possibly a little more. so I'd say its about 2 inches and.. maybe 1/5... not really sure.. wait.. hold on" *goes to look in mirror* "damn it.. ******** damn it.. ******** ******** damn it."

the wife asked what was wrong and the kid explained that he forgot that he died and he was reborn.. so now he's completely embarrassed because he flirted with a woman 3 1/4 years times the age he was and all he has to use is this freakin' baby d**k.

she started to console and show compassion towards him and started to explain puberty to him and that as he grows his p***s would get bigger into a more manlier p***s and it may start being weird cause you'll grow hair and..

He interupted her and said "listen b***h, i know about growing up and growth.. all im saying is that i would love to ******** that a** of yours to see it jiggle and titty ******** that huge rack of yours but...

(front door opens and its the husband) WTF are you guys talking about in here.. all i hear outside by the door is him talking about having a baby d**k, you telling him about growing and about how he would want to ******** you really bad..

the kid looks at him and says straight to his face, "look, i was testing the waters to make sure the coast was clear.. as you know this is completely top secret and by you standing by that door and eavesdropping you could be directed to an immediate dis honorary discharge and with consideration of how cool you think jets are i do believe that you do not want that... plus of how much you care about your family and you dont in anyway will not be fooled by a little kid that wants to just ******** your wife after having kicked you and the whole neighborhood out so he and her can have a special sexual taboo moment...if that is correct possible future pilot of another top secret aircraft in the works then you will march out this second, go get me a can of pringles of the ones that i most desire so that i can discuss with her how this is going to work.. ONE TWO ONE TWO MARCH MARCH OUT THAT DOOR..

(he literally walked out and drove off and so did the whole neighborhood)

he continued talking to the wife and she just had a face like this eek rolleyes redface dramallama xp xd and a bunch of other emotions all combined.

The boy continued talking to her and about how he would love to ******** her, but because of his current size he wouldn't be able to put her into the positions he wanted her to be in.. oddly enough.. she suggest that he could just tell her which position to be in.

He took up that suggestion and used it to point out something, he told her to get on her knees. In shock she responded, "right here?! what if my husband comes in and sees whats going on?!" "I'm just pointing something out.. now get on your knees,' She got on her knees. "Now you see where your a** is at.. ima have to be on my tipee toes to even get my d**k in there and on top of things.. with a nice a** that big.. with the 2 inches i got going on for me right now, if we do doggy style.. like um..for example..the 3rd legiment of your pinky finger where your finger nail is, put half of that in your mouth.. yeah.. see.. barely anything is in there.. if we do missionary.. ima wanna be kissing you and sucking on your tits.. and if you're on top of me.. its.. well no offense.. but its gonna be like an elephant sitting on top of a mouse so ima have to pass on that.. plus on the size of my d**k compared to your p***y.. no offense.. its gonna be like throwing a mini hotdog in a hall way.."

(knock at the door) can i come in? it turns out to be the husband.
he comes in and hands me the pringles. then leaves without saying anything and drives off.

the boy continued, "as much as i wanna ******** you.. it kinda is literally impossible.. i could ******** you when i turn 18 but considering that in 9 years you'll be like.. almost 40... anyways.. this is how its gonna work. this position i want you in so i can show you a different strategy. We're gonna play house. You're gonna be the mommy and I'm the baby that is able to eat Pringles. You also breast feed me which in matter of fact.. I am actually due a feeding in about 15minutes.. so chop chop.. go clean your breasts cause i in all honesty dont want to to be tasting breast sweat you dirty skank."

she honestly didnt know what to do.. so she got up as the boy started eating his pringles.. next thing you hear is the facet to the sink running..
15 mintues go by and she comes back and tells him that its time for his milk.

he sat on her lap and as she was pulling out her mom she offered to jack him off.. as she had her boob out she just looked at herself and me.. and then started going on about how if she thinks this is weird.. what she would had thought when me and her were naked in her bed as i was ******** her...

she ended up telling me that it was nap time since i dont want any boobie milk.. the kid told her that since he is a baby she has to make sure that he drinks his milk..

she went and poured me a glass of milk, handed it to him. Said, "here is your milk, mommy has to go upstairs and ummmm... brush her teeth"

She then goes upstairs and all the kid can hear is very strong vibrating sound.

As he continued growing up, the military was attempting to find out what the top secret battle plan was.. his father even asked him and he told him:
Name of Battle Plan:
-You AFs ******** around on the radio on purpose and got tons of men killed because you wanted look and act cool around others so here I am a ground troop setting up the whole AF so that in the end all you guys are, are just a bunch of blind fags as ******** each other because you think its a cool battle plan"... now isn't that a cool top secret battle plan name??

The father replied, "its very complicated of a name but i understand considering its top secret.

the son looked at his father and said, "do you really understand? if you really understood then you and everyone else that is part of the AF will just go to the graves of fallen ground troops and show your remorse and repent.. end of story.

Long story short: the AF in the end... didnt listen.. and they started a** ******** each other... just a bunch of men from the Air Force.. (AF) literally a** ******** each other. hitting the hershey highway. fudge packing it. scraping the sides of their s**t walls with a stiff skin stick. being a monkey and sticking a branch into a dirty ant hill so they can lick the ants off..

All in all to the Air Force: When it comes to situations where a ground force needs you.. stop with the hippy dippy, lil kid immature crap because it can cost lives of our own men.

So many people died, were experimented, tortured, forced to death from exhausted labor, starved and so many things because the AF (Air Force) couldn't take s**t serious.

Do you understand why you are the last military branch in and will always be the last.. that or just be shutdown?

Because it seems like all of you just want your fellow comrades in other branches and the enemy to considering how cool the jets look as they are bombing the s**t out of something..

******** grow up and become mature adults or continue "working at a fudge factory"

End of story..
Or better yet: Why don't you go place some flowers and give a good 30 minutes of silence with your head bowed down and your arms placed at the civilian correct level.. as you do that.. consider what is more important: helping lives not die or waiting til the last possible second for things to look really cool??

or better yet because you're trying to be cool seems cool to you as you're in the military which is a serious thing where you can't ******** around on the job..

just ******** quit.

the last 60+ years that the Air Force has been around all you guys have done is act stupid so that other people would think you're funny and cool. maybe sometimes super funny and super cool.

The military of any U.S.A. branch is no ******** place for that type of behavior or any of that s**t. As I said: Grow up, stop trying to be cool, stop basing your rank off of how cool you are, grow the ******** up.

Speaking of s**t: hrrmmm..... nevermind.. lets not go there.

You wanted something that was the superiest funniest prank ever so you could see how stupid the Air force is... well there ya go.

All you mother ******** have been trying to be cool and all you did was end up a** ******** each other in the a** because you all kept trying to perfect a "strategy" that some one sarcastically said was cool and claimed it was a strategy when all he was doing was trying to ******** some husband's wife. His dad and everyone got onto him about it and he was worried he was going to get into trouble for trying to have sex with another man's wife.

So quit with the pranks, quit trying to be cool. Does anybody understand that work of any sort is not a place to joke around? People could possibly get hurt or worse; killed.

Also: Because people were eavesdropping the whole time, i never explained it. So I fooled you twice actually.

I need literally need about 2-3 adult females to assist me with getting closer to finishing the prototype test run of it.

So that everyone knows.. I was the only one given the information on it years back long long time ago. Only I the one that posted this has the intel on how to do it. Not anybody else.

Plus on everything else not having to do with this.. a chocolate hersheys bar sounds pretty good.

So good luck trying to figure out what it is..

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