I am not especially fond of waking up at four in the morning for no reason whatever. Granted, I went to bed somewhat early last night and napped when I got home from class so I guess I brought this on myself. As per usual. I guess it's time to do one of the things I keep saying I'll do? Watch Deadman Wonderland or read Dangan Ronpa? Bluh.

On the bright side, next week is my last week of class before final exams. :3

Also, Samurai Jack is on Netflix so that's a plus as well. I can already tell what I'm going to be doing this summer. Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo... Dang, nostalgia. Probably going to hanging around with my friend Jess a lot as she begins the vast undertaking of becoming a Homestuck. I think she's already read some? Maybe? But there's no way she's getting to the trolls before she comes back for the summer what with finals and such.

Ah well. Happy hump day. I guess I'll fart around until it's time to leave for class.