Hello everyone! I'm Ebony the Peacian, the NSTG's Captain. Thanks for coming out tonight, and we hope that you take this opportunity to learn more about what it means to have a position of leadership in the NSTG, either as a Crewmember or as a Crew Assistance Program (CAP) Volunteer.

During this presentation, please remain silent and keep all comments or questions until the end, when we open up the panel. When we do open up the panel, please "raise your hand" like so, and you will be called on to ask your question. Thank you!

That being said, here's a quick descriptions of both programs: the NSTG Crew and the NSTG Crew Assistance Program. NSTG Crewmembers are expected to perform regular crew duties -- moving threads, enforcing guild rules, etc. -- and to sign up for and serve ONE committee per month. Crew committees organize our efforts in reaching certain goals, such as putting together and maintaining events, projects, or programs. NSTG Crewmembers are also expected to post 20 times per month within the guild in order to socialize with all of you and be a more visible and and active presence within the guild community.

The second program to which you can apply is our Crew Assistance Program, or CAP. The CAP requires each member to be involved in the planning of two NSTG events per year. Raise your hand if you've been visited by the NSTG Fairy before ... Great! We need Fairies for every event. If you apply for the CAP, you could choose to do that! Or you could choose to host a contest, game, fundraiser, or plan for a Towns party! One perk is that, if you host a contest/game, the NSTG will compensate you as long as you stay under the (very generous) budget allotted to you. Neither CAP members NOR Crewmembers are EVER expected to spend their own money on an event. All we need is your talent and your time.

Before my friends tell you about what it's like to be on the NSTG Crew, I would like to say something very important about applications. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to submit your app -- for Crew OR CAP -- the right way and to fill it out completely. This is your chance to brag about yourself. You are strongly encouraged to provide links/screenshots of places in which you've shown leadership potential and a love of service. And just as importantly, be an active and dedicated community member and post in the guild frequently. Post a few times a day here; start a charity; host a small contest or game thread during one of our events; contribute in a way that makes sense to you. Many NSTG Crewmembers have gone on to become Gaia Online Site Moderators; many of the same skills in service and leadership are needed in both positions. So if that's something you're considering, I wholeheartedly believe that this is a great opportunity for you to build up your experience and qualifications.

That being said, I pass the torch to my friends here, who will tell you about their experiences from being on Crew and on the CAP, what you should expect, etc. I can only give you my perspective, but they're here to give you their perspective, too, because I know that that's what y'all want to hear. Thank you!