If you're going to ask who i am..
i'm still trying to figure that out myself.

Cheezy much, right?

Well what is there to say really?
Some of my friends say that i am like a stoner without the drugs
I love james dean because he reminds of the fun i want to have in my life
all music and any music i will listen to
I'm a christian and I love what I believe in but i'm not perfect, sometimes i feel like believing still isnt enough but i guess its all about the faith<3

I really do like making friends and if you're chill i'd love to show you my chill, dorky side. I'm pretty forgiving which i think is a good and bad thing. I'm also very stubborn.

i guess i wrote this entry just to explain the fact that I have no idea what i'm doing in life just like every one else and that i'd love to experience everything i possibly can before i die.

So for my friends, i love you
For those unknown, lets talk so you'll be moved to friends so I can tell you I love you ;P
For those who hate, ...I don't know. You have the right to your opinion.
And finally for those who want to actually get to know me, i wont bite. i promise.