Fetishes in this story: farting, pooping

Hi, I'm Jodie, and I'll tell you about an embarrassing mishap that happened to me at a party.
I had eaten a bowl of chili, which I regretted not too long after. My guts started churning and gurgling, as it went south.
Then Lila called out "time for games!" But I really had to poo.
I thought 'maybe after this game I can make my way to the bathroom'. But it got worse.
We played Twister, but as soon as the next move was made, Ben's face got really close to my butt, and I tried to keep holding it, but I let out a stinky fart right in his face!
I couldn't stand it any longer and just ran from there to the bathroom, where I sat on the toilet, pooping and farting loudly as I did, for about 3 minutes... Ugh...
I was lucky not use up all their toilet paper.