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Within these pages, my thoughts and Dreams are scribed. ~winks~
Who I dream of and what I dream of... ~LMSAO~
Caravan... XD Still on here!
The caravan continues along the dirt road. Trees and brush slowly coming to view then disappearing behind the group. In pretense, they travel the world as gypsies, but once one comes to know the true beings that inhabit the wagons would bring one certain death.
Within the walls of the middle caravan sits a woman. This day she wears a black veil that covers her whole body. With her eyes closed she sits quietly and looks as if she is napping. Alas she was in deep thought, meditating, shielding the caravan from curious eyes and cloaking the scent from animals. Was a simple thing to do and she was taught this early on in her creation. 'Ah creation, such a beautiful thing. Mine was cursed quickly and I had yet to learn the pleasures of the world. I was but a child. A child.. flung from her home and destined to live within darkness.' She shakes her head and burys the memories of long ago then quickly turns her attention back to the matter at hand.
She feels the halt of the carriages, signaling the setting of the sun. Then without words or movement of any kind she summons for her companion. Momentarily his head sticks inside the carriage and she asks him quietly. "Tell me dear.. How goes my children and their servants?" The boy smiles his silly grin and answers in reassurance, "M'lady. They hunger for fresh food and for an audience with their mother. As for the Servants. One is in need of medical attention. I fear that a childer over did his feasting. He pretty much drank the poor retch dry. As for the craving of fresh food, we have sent one of the men to fetch food in the village we have come near. As for the destination.. Hmm.. That be what the meeting with their mother be about.. I think the men are wary of this."
Lilith nods and stands from where she sits. Sliding the veil off her body. Her raven hair, in a long braid hung below her waist and her white heart shaped face turns to the boy at the door. Silver eyes blinking at the light as her crimson smile slowly spreads across her face. "They fear the destination? Tis nothing to worry about.. " The boy nodded and holds out his hand to help the woman from the carriage. Her silk black gown, shuffles with her every movement and soon childers gathered about her patiently.
"Bring Samuel to us. Let us see his wounds. As well as Josiah." She looks at the caravans current position, a circle for protection purposes only. Then seeing the man with worldly goods arrive safely from his journey to the village, she lets him into the barrier. "M'lady they are here." She turns to the boy and smiles as he once again takes her hand and leads her to Samuel. A body now crumpled along the floor on a make shift stretcher. She closes her eyes, keeping her anger at bay. Kneeling by his side, she cannot help but feel remorse for this being. He had been loyal to her since his thirteenth year and she knew it would be a waste to lose him. But he was resigning in life quickly. Bringing her lips to his ears she asks in a whisper, "Dear Samuel... Tell me what you wish." The man now close to 70 turns to her and gives her a weak smile, then shakes his head. "Lilith.. my love. I wish to be with you forever, but alas... my end has come and I ask that it be you that takes my last breath." She nods as tears slowly falls from her eyes. This show of emotion seems to surprise Samuel for she has shown nothing of such since her first met her. She wasn’t surprised by this. For it had been a long time since anyone has seen her cry. Bending down she kisses the man before sinking her silvery fangs gently into his lips. Drinking and sobbing, she felt his life slowly fade away. Upon breaking from the kiss, she remembers him the way he once was. Young and beautiful, not the old and retired body before her. "Goodbye Samuel.. I know we will never meet within the realms beyond this... for I am here always. But you stay within mine own heart."
She holds her hands up signaling her companion and was helped up by the boy once more. Turning to Josiah, she looks at him quietly. Silver eyes boring into the flesh and the soul that still lingered within his body. Soon he began to back away and cower before her. He was new to the family and he seemed to drink and kill her most loyal of servants. Thus she asks, "Thou wishes my death.. Wish you to take my powers." Josiah took a step back from her advancing one, but was held quickly between her two guards. "Michael, John, Fix this mistake for me.,“ She turns from them as a scream is heard, then silenced. Shaking her head she addresses the childers still sitting. "My dears. I will soon depart from this caravan for a few days. Take good care for I wish all to be here when I return. Michael and John as well as Sir Jacob will watch over you all. They know of my orders and they will protect you all. I require no company to escort me. For I know the inhabitants of the castle. That be my destination.. and I want none of mine own harmed. Jacob will hold the barrier up for me and shield thee.. my childers.. my loves from harm."
They seemed happy with this and dispersed to do their daily duties. Some to bury Samuel and others to hunt. Lilith and Jacob return to the carriage to finish up preparations for her lone trip.
She remembers the last of all details and hugs the servants goodbye. She turns to the two eldest of the group, Michael and John. Though they play guards in the servants eyes, they were childers of Lilith. It was a slight joke and secret between the circle. Even though the servants knew better, they pretended the boys to be mere humans. Careful she was to whisper into their ears then with a look of warning they both look at each other and grimace. She knew they would hunt freely out of the circle after she left. Another danger her family didn’t need but the two were quick to cover their tracks. That was perfectly fine with her, but a certain matter at hand must be done first and it would make most of the childers look at the two in wonder.
As for her dear Jacob. He was second to her in her own eyes. Close to the semblance of Cain and yet with the heart of the Seraph named Michael. How she loved them. So different in style, stature and looks. Both had won her over in ways that she could not understand. Gently she touches the light bluish stone she always wore around her neck and sighs. Its color resembled that of the sky and the sea. Once upon a time it changed in appearance and color. Alas It hadn’t changed in centuries and she missed the Seraph that had given it to her. Grateful she was for her own teacher, les none but her and the Heavenly being knew.
After her farewells had been done, she turns to Jacob with a warm smile. She knew he would follow, but told him that if he did she would die. Such a lie, but for his safety it was a necessity. Cradling his face between gloved hands, she gently kisses his forehead and whispers, "Be not afraid.. Thy meeting with Nosferat shan’t be long.. I shall be back before one realizes and misses me.." She turns from him, knowing the look he would give her. The look that would pierce her heart. Walking away she mutters to herself, “Lilith m’dear.. You’ve grown soft.”
Now at the edge of camp. Leaning down from the horse she had mounted she quickly whispers once more. "You know of how to get home... this long journey has taken many from the family. I wish that they return quickly home." They nod as she whispers, "After, they are on their way. Send Jacob to me. Bending down from the saddle they both quickly kiss her cheeks farewell.
Though her journey had been a long one. It had been a while since the summoning had happened and she was curious to know the reason of the meeting. Now clad in a thick Velveteen robe, riding attire and boots she gallops through the forest with her horse. A fine prize in any mans eye, such a beast would be sought after by the best trainers and owners of equine world.
Times had changed a few hours into the trip, she had grown tired and weary. She knew her family was on their way home. She knew the servants were scared for her, but in the end it was John and Michael who would calm their nerves. They had broken the barrier as she had instructed and did not hunt the outside world. After tomorrow Jacob would come looking for her. And that was all the time she needed to find out the reason for the meeting.
She slowed in pace, for she knew she was nearing the castles walls. Already she could see the walls emerging and towering over the trees. Once more, she cloaks her horse' scent from the wolves that she knew surrounded them. They seemed to watch her out of boredom and laziness. Turning to the sound of a yawn, she slightly smiles as she sees a wolf on its back resting and looking up to her through slit eyes. "How keen ones ears and eyes are. Doth thou know mine own thoughts as well?” She quietly asks the beast before continuing along her way, knowing their masters keen telepathic powers. Everything the wolves see, he sees.
Moments later, she stands at the entrance of the castle. Her horse now a nervous wreck and shaking from fright. Kissing the animal lightly, she coos and whispers softly into its ears. A light enchantment that calms ones nerves and numbs its thoughts. Turning to the opening of the castle, she patiently awaits. In a whisper she says this mostly to herself, “Nosferat… Why doth thou seek an audience with all the sires and Elders of the world… I have come as thou bid. Now I wish to know the meaning of it all”

Such majesty in design. The entrance was more impressive than first perceived. She gently tugs at the reins and leads her horse, as she in turn follows the host. Gallant he was as well as dignified. The robe still concealed her being, protecting and shielding her from the harmful rays of light. Alas there was only the cool beginning of evening and the sun had retired once again. Stopping once, she looks up to her surroundings. Seeing that she was indeed unexposed, she brushes the hood from her crown and pulls her long raven braid from the folds. She turns her silver eyes to the horse at her side and smiles at it as they continue along their way. Her pale heart shaped face turns from one wall to the other, studying the architecture and structures of the buildings within. Her left hand brushes at the loose strand of hair that fell and feathers her cheek, while her right held tight the reins. Still following the host, she is greeted by a man who takes hold of her horse‘ reins, assures her that he would be well taken cared of and leads him away to the stables. Having been asked a question, she glances up and nods. Mulling over this very question, she answers, “I believe all have their own idea and keep to their own kind of company. Pray one might travel the world with a family of mortals and immortals. The hunter and the hunted. Such was the way in the beginning. But alas we have those who live with wolves. Our company might be different, but alas they serve and are just as loyal as the other.” Her tiny boots echo the halls of the vast castle as she continues to follow the host. With her hands now freed, she quietly tugs at gloves fingers and slides them off her hands. For the time being the journey was finally at an end and she was glad that she could finally rest. Tugging at the ties of the robe, she loosens it and pulls it off. “If thou pardon mine own intrusion… If I might inquire..” She looks to the gloves and robe in hand as she follows then continues. “But alas.. Were there not others that have arrived long ago? Seeking a meeting with Sires of old is a bit unusual. Is it not?”

She quietly follows, listening to his carefree words. The news of the others that had come and gone did not quite suffice, but for now it would have to do. She lays her things on an empty chair and sits in the next. Looking at her surroundings in awe. From a mortals eyes, she looks innocent and pure. Such was she when she was cursed. None would ever think this be the same Lilith myths and legends were told of.

With her hands neatly folded about her lap, she then looks at the vast banquet spread out before her. Amused, a small laugh escapes her ruby lips as she listens to his tale of cats and other game. Still looking at the feast she turns to her host in jest, "Expecting your army to return this night, Nostferat? If not.. I must apologize for I know.. I cannot finish this all in one sitting." Still scanning her choices she finally decides on a simple serving of sliced apples, cheese and a goblet of what appeared to be red wine. None but those within the walls knew what really filled the glasses in hand. Weary she might be and a bit hungry, but alas she could not eat much either. She looks into the goblet, closes her eyes and sniffs the drink with a smile. "Such a bad person this must have been for its scent is a bit stronger than one might expect. Mmm be the delicacy of ones own scent to sway me in such a way and its years. hm.." Taking a sip, she opens her eyes and looks at her host. "Mayhap one intoxicated this being before he was dried.. or be he still alive? I know not for I cannot see anymore of this beings life than I had already drunk." Placing the goblet back onto the table, she takes two slices and eats them, then leans back warily resting her head against the chairs pillowy back.

Deep within thought, she ponders over brooding matters. Was this merely an illusion and false pretense in mannerism. Was he merely swaying her mood to shift into a more relaxed state of mind. Her eyes look over the greatness of the mass dining room. Paintings seem to capture her attention. Her being a painter herself, she promptly gets up from where she sits and walks to the walls. Some were merely paintings of people. One of Nosferat on armour, but alas this was a painting done long ago. "I remember the era of this armour. Was it not the time of Radu?" She smiles at another of a dragon. How fitting he had this within his collection, for that be the meaning of his name.

She gently touches the reds and gold strokes of the paintings and closes her eyes. A vision of the painter came to view. The man old in age but young in looks had created this. Pulling her hand from the painting, her cheeks seem to flush in embarrassment. "Your father must’ve been a great man. This piece very old, still holds its colours well." She pauses and looks at her host apologetically, "I meant not to pry in thy own affair. The colors seem to come alive with this.” Turning from him once more, she continues to examine the artwork. Careful was she in shielding her own mind from wandering thoughts. For she knew of his reputation and would not hesitate to attack her where she stands. It has been many years since she had heard of Nosferat. He was cunning, learned in his powers greatly and was said to sway the most willful of hearts. There was only one thing that came to mind at this moment. The colours so bold and bright. Set in such a way that they brought back memories once again. Taking a deep breath, she walks on to the next. “Amazing. How one captured the sun so eloquently. It has indeed been..” Pausing for a moment, she stands and looks at the image then gently trails her fingers along the painted yellows of the sun. “I cannot remember when I last saw this.”

Ive yet to edit this.. sooo if there are mistakes. I really don't care. Was written for the fun of it.

Always an amused Dream..

Over and Outy.. ^^

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