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Hikikomori Otoko
Valeska - Valeriu Pair - Carou w/Wolfie
Pet Type: Rare
Username: Noga Eldritch
Pet Name: Valeska
Cert Type: Night
Gender: Female
Species: Tiger
Stage: Two
Main Color/Description: Like a golden tiger. Hair would be white with golden highlights like the piccu. The bandana would be white and shell-like. Piercings are black/dark grey.
Eyes: Blue hued
Carousel Edits: No
Edits: Hair, bandana, furry front paws, shorter tail but not too short, piercings.
References: Golden tiger | Half Albino Turtle Shell | Shape of Bandana on the forehead { Some bangs drifting down under the bandana would be love. } | Hairstyle { The bangs being slightly more jagged and free-falling. =w=' }, Kinda the same with a bandana, but more like the first, please, Color
Comments: Piercings would be: snake bites, triple upon the left ear, bar on the right. Oh, and she has a beauty mark on her chin. :3
The hair color would kinda be like:
Where black is, there is white.
Where blue is, there is orange.
Where white is, there is golden-yellow color.
Matching the golden tiger effect, but not really. =v=
Total: Need the quote


Pet Type: Rare
Username: RockerWolfie1616
Pet Name: Valeriu
Cert Type: Night
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger
Stage: One
Main Color/Description: He's based on an albino liger. Like mixing a white lion and a normal tiger to somehow get the original creation of an albino liger. His base would be white, his marks obviously either black or orange colored. Possibly just black marks and orange blurred underneath them to blend sort of into the white but enough to tell it's a liger. Stomach color would remain white.
Eyes: Jade
Carousel Edits: No
Edits: Tail edited to be shorter, like Valeska's; hair edit, albino lion shoulder "mane" mantle - like a boa or shoulder piece that's furred like an albion lion mane which makes it pure white, piercings, half-albino turtle shell front paw guards
References: Hair, Liger, Albino lion, Mantle, Hand guard, Half-albino turtle shell
Comments: He is Valeska's mate, for the hand guards altho it's paw guards in this case, it'd be fine to take just a segment from the shell and use it in the same fashion, just above the toes on the front paw, wrapping around the wrist of the pet.
His piercings are: snake bites, triple upon the right ear, bar on the left making it opposite Valeska on their ears.
Total: Need the Quote

Noga Eldritch
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