Looks like I haven't written in awhile. Lets see if I still got it in me.

I've shut down
Took a long look around
Burried everything I love into the ground
Creeping without a sound.
With nothing bound
I was free to live the life
With no cares holding this knife
I was just a ******** blight
With no hope of shinning in your light
I was stupid for not willing to fight
For the chance at the right
To forever hold you at night
To become the Knight
You wanted me to be
I was so blind that I couldn't even see
You standing there in front me
Left in the echos of the screams
Waking from all these haunting dreams
So much shattering beams
Nothing is never what it seems
Living in this shadow of lies
With everything going by
What am I to do
With everything I know is true
Fires back in your face
Falling back failing this race
Just to stop passing out at the base
Leaving this world without a trace
I'm better off alone
Just to be on my own
With no words to guide
But I can no longer hide
I've got so much to stryde
For a girl I've got feeling for
I have to lay everything down on the line
Just to know that it will all be fine
Just to see her shine
So tonight I will dine.