I wasn't really much help to someone today. She came to me with a problem, and not only did I just lecture her, I told someone else about it as well, sharing something that she apparently didn't want shared. I lectured her because what she came to me about was something that pisses me off, and anger conquered the calm advice and had me lecturing her. I only told someone because, if I were to try and help her alone, it would have resulted in me cursing at her, and maybe even ignoring her. That's no excuse, however. If you read this, I'm sorry about handling your problem so poorly and sharing it with someone else. It was the wrong thing to do.
I have very few things that make me snap, and when I was faced with two of them, I just couldn't control myself.
Perhaps a public entry discussing a private matter isn't the best, but I've found it very hard to do sincere, one-on-one apologizes recently. So sending this on meebo or in a private message would have me freezing up and editing it, censoring myself and cutting out most of the truth.
A mask is only worn before another, only in solitude does one find the strength to remove their mask and show themselves in earnest.
I felt that sharing it through entries, in this non-personal manner, would result in more honesty and openness. I did all that was in my power not to share any of your problem in this entry or with anyone else. I'm sorry for telling someone. I shouldn't have done that, you came to me for help and not only did I fail you, I betrayed you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again, if you can trust my words.