I'd rather be alone then spend one more day this way and act like theres something left too say other then get down and go prone from this world and its evil ways, one lie left unsaid could leave me in laying in the ally way or worse, dead, i cant chain this feeling down like the rest so i feel the best way too deal with it is too kneel too it and let it hit me, let the fires burn within the change the flow within me, repetively waiting too see if i can sculpt a grin out of the sins and empty the recycle bins of mad paper that swims within she just doesnt get it, its not her its me and she'll never forget it, the way i make her smile it makes me sick too have too do this but this is my day and its how ill spend it, i wont be your chains, i wont be your thing too blame when youve lost it and gone insane and finally did it, and your swimming inside my brain, maybe ive just lost it the value of things in my life and the cost of it, what will i decide, how am i supposed too know what your thinkings its not just cuz your bad thoughts stinking and giving me no room too breath this is a match i cant just bob and weave but face it straight on, go along with the flow, what happens when the current stop im at the end and theres no way too go not a fellow in sight, no trees, nothing a bad street and this empty bench stuck next too a broken street light, wanna be friends? lets pretend it can talk , or walk, or even comprehend what im saying,i give up or ill go crazy, so now lets lay in the road together and hopefully someone will find us maybe.