Alright, its been an interesting weekend. Just didnt feel like typing out my feels because i didnt want to hear myself rant about my emotional issues. Bleh. Is that weird? To find myself annoying from being too emotional?.. Thats why i always apologize after i vent or rant to someone 'XD Mood is much better. Gunna go ahead and guess that i had a lot of sexual frustration, which is kind of pathetic when you think about it.. just 2 weeks and im rolling on the floor like a cat in heat -facepalm- too embarassing. I hope no one reads that ever. Ergh.

Welp. I feel like a dumbass. Perhap not a dumbass but like.. hmm a fool? Dunno how to explain this. Both of those words probably dont work. I feel like a weirdo. Its like whenever i hang out with people who are really important to me who are people i always want to be on the good side of, i get all quiet and derpy. I barely say much. I just keep maknig faces like owo or ouo or <w> and just kind of sit and listen. I feel like i lose all my characteristics.
That is how i became boring, i was afraid of offending anyone. Then if i act totally like myself i'd annoy everyone. Bluh. I'm looking at this too negatively. Just gotta be myself, do what i'd do normally. Gawd im so derpy. -headdesk- I'll get over it though.