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Lady Elvina MacDevon was being courted by three different men that wanted her hand in marriage. One was a prince, an knight, and a mage. She loved the knight and was going to accept his offer of marriage and decline the prince and the mage. Elvina did enjoy getting to know the prince and the mage more but she only saw them as friends. She hoped that there wouldn't be any problems later on after she declares her choice.

Soon, the day that Lady Elvina was going announce her choice came and the three men presented themselves to her and her parents. Once the men were in the audience chamber, she began to speak her peace."I have made my decision gentlemen and I hope that there will be no ill will between us all after I tell you my choice." Elvina said as she met each one's eyes for a moment before continuing. "I have enjoyed spending time with each of you and I'm sorry to say my Prince Tobias and my Mage______, that I decline your offers of marriage. I love Sir Knight Wesley of Rohan and have for many years now. Sir Wesley, I accept your offer of marriage." Lady Elvina said, walking over to Sir Wesley with a loving smile on her face. She could only hope that the prince and the mage took the news well.

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