When you love someone set them free and if they come back it was meant to be... Does that mean that they were so damn stupid to notice that you were the real thing or just that they needed to see the truth that you were the one and the only one that could make them so happy, joyful, ecstatic in love. To me in my opinion, I think you will know when you find the right person just by the the first kiss. When the moment is right and you lean in and the moment that you guys kiss. There is a moment that you loose control of everything, time stops itself and starts to slow down, all of your problems just cease to exist and that moment you realize that everything just happened was real. That to me is when you have found your TRUE love if I may call it. People have been saying " Why do I write?" or "What makes think that people will read or listen to you?" I tell them this"I am writing because the world and its people are lost in love and if I can make them see what true love is then I can rest easy knowing that nobody will commit suicide just because there lover broke up with them there is a difference in "I love you" and I'm in love with you" and that is the true reason I write." So thank you if you are reading this.