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A place of thoughts n' conundrums and speculations.
Mac & Rosie the Raptor
Name: Mackenzie Sinclair

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Any other names:Goes by “Mac” in combat situations

Species: human

Powers/special abilities: Mackenzie’s ability is to slightly control a rather stubborn velociraptor named “Rosie”

Is an awful shot, prefers hand to hand combat, and is proficient in boxing. And she has a killer grip due to constant wrestling with Rosie to keep her from mauling innocent bystanders.

Weight:140 lbs

Physique:muscular,but curved. Has a great ass. Well defined deltoids
Complexion: Light tan from being outdoors so much because Rosie isn’t house trained very well and leaving Rosie outside by herself is an invitation to decimate the neighborhood dog, cat, and hobo population within a 5 mile radius.

Hair: Light golden long blond locks that are usally braided to keep back
Eye color:Icy blue

Any other notable physical attributes: Her junk in the trunk makes up for lack of boobage. She’s also got a nasty uppercut and height differences don’t intimidate her.

Intelligence level: Average. Becoming more proficient in controlling her raptor and getting Rosie to obey her.
Mental condition:Sane, but appears aloof to others

Religion: n/a

Occupation:former Durem Guard from the K-9 unit. Officially got kicked out after too many accidental deaths, but she left because she couldn’t stand the fact she couldn’t get a real dog (zombie or otherwise) because the Guard didn’t think she was capable of handling a creature for her petite nature.
Socioeconomic status:Wandering
Social status:unknown

Likes:Punching people in the face, letting Rosie maul criminals, having the time to get her hair and make-up done, loves to shop for armor that looks snazzy and protects, cute dresses, and punching chauvinistic males.

Dislikes:Sexism, people hurting Rosie, people who don’t take her seriously because of her physique

Personality:At first she appears aloof, because she wants to be taken seriously and majority of her time is spent making sure Rosie doesn’t maul the wrong person. She’s actually quite bubbly and has a hidden vindictive, murderous streak. She is very much dedicated to the cause, which is, protecting people from criminals and being taken advantage of, though sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s doing more damage.

Ambitions:To join a Guard unit that will accept her and Rosie. Also, wishes she could command Rosie better.

Habits:She balls up her fists when angry. Consequently, Rosie sees this as a sign to attack whoever is irritating her and often with accidental bloody results.


Marital/relationship status:very single

Known family/friends:Rosie the Raptor

Relationship to family/friends: Rosie is her partner in crime and is quite loyal to her human owner.

Brief history:Mackenzie “Mac” Sinclair is a young lady who just doesn’t have good luck. Nothing terrible, just currently going through a bad luck streak. After failing too many classes to enter vet school, she decided she’d be better off with some hands on action with the guard. Most didn’t expect the petite blond to make it through the physical requirements and technical know-how, but she passed fairly well. Much to her disappointment, she was not partnered with a dog when she went to the K-9 unit. Instead, they gave her an rock-looking egg and told her she wasn’t ready to handle the burdens of a guard dog.
Still dismayed, but determined to fulfill her dream, Mac took care of the rock, carrying it with her, unaware that it was all a big joke to the guys in charge. To everyone’s surprise, it hatched into a velociraptor. Mac was quite disappointed to discover she had an overgrown chicken-lizard thing at first, until it squeaked and she fell head over heels for it and named the creature “Rosie”
People questioned the wisdom of naming such a creature, but after another male rookie suffered severe face scratches when Mac got mad at his teasing, nobody bothered her any more. Mac did her best to take care of Rosie and enter her into the K-9 training program, but Durem Guard refused, citing that despite Rosie’s keen sense of smell and astounding hearing, she was not fit to be in the program by virtue of not being a dog. They did offer to put down Rosie and give Mac a dog if she went to be a detective, but Mac wholeheartedly refused.
She ended up leaving the unit in a huff, taking Rosie with her, and is currently in search of new job prospects that aren’t so judgmental of ladies with pet raptors.

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