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Casey Reid, M.D.

Name: Doctor Casey Reid

Any other names:usually goes by "Casey" (informally) or "Dr. Reid" or more recently, "Doc Casey"
If she doesn't know you, expect to get yelled at if you don't address her as Doc or Dr. Reid.


Sex: presents self as androgynous. Biological female who chest binds. Thanks to an emotional angsty reveal in this post, she actually possess no explicit secondary characteristics after Charlie mutilated her. She still wears shirts and tanks with gel implants to make people feel comfortable about recognizing her as a "female" but she'll sometimes opt for not wearing them. And if she doesn't wear those shirts, she will automatically look like a young college male due to lack of feminine silhouette and clothing choice.

Species: Human

Powers/special abilities:Robotic arm, it is usually in hand mode but when dissecting, it changes to be either a bone saw, scalpel, or whatever she needs at the moment. Like this dude
This hand also has sensors that when on skin to skin contact, gives her a brief overview of physiological sensations that gives her clues about how someone is feeling.

Has a prehensile tail that functions as an extra arm, grabbing things that she needs but can't reach. It has an extension mechanism in there and usually reacts to her emotions. The edges are /mostly/ dull, but she can generate enough force to act like a scorpion's tail in terms of painful puncture in self defense.

Her tail has secondary nuclear energy backup, running primarily on bioelectricity. This has given Casey the unique ability to morph her hand into various types of energy weapons, but depending on the power setting used, she can only do it for a very short time as she is literally a living battery. It physically exhausts her to try such weaponry, so she mostly uses it for intimidation value. However, her morphing capability can be blocked when in range of electromagnetic blocking devices. She still retains control over her tail, so look out if you're in range.

With the melding of grey matter and cybernetics, she is literally unable to forget anything since her spinal implant. She can recall events with absolute clarity, but has a systemic memory dump that doesn't retain feelings, physical sensations of clothes, ect as a precaution to prevent her from flipping out over memory overload. She never forgets a face, that's for sure.

User Image



Physique:slim, lanky build. Hardly any curves. Very androgynous, and people have a hard time placing her as a female.


Hair:bright red

Eye color:bright green

Any other notable physical attributes:has gauged ears, hair is usually styled like a sort of pompadour (see picture for example)

Casey is about efficiency. Her cybernetic arm is a sleek and modern design (like this style). She is also a dapper dresser at heart, and when not participating in community projects, she is usually found with a combination of slacks and button up shirts, ties, ect. All gotten at a discount at the men's warehouse, of course. Theme is usually a swinging 50's male style.

Intelligence level:High

Mental condition:sane, on the weird side, will dish diagnosis straight if half-hearted attempts at sugar-coating fails miserably. Really sucks at lying, so if you can't hack her via brain drain, she'll opt to remain silent.

However, girl's got major sister issues to her twin sister, Charlie. She's constantly conflicted because she still loves her sister dearly but cannot stand what has been done to her and a now-deceased friend.

On the bright side, she's a cuddlebug and really has a hard time recognizing people's sense of personal space. Her method of coping with her dark past is using her cheerfulness and compassion so people don't suspect anything is wrong. Her baking is another method for her to busy her mind and keep her personal demons at bay. Major guilt complex as well

Style of speech:Sounds like this


Occupation:Currently involved in dissecting bodies for the Aekean Guard and solving cases. And because practicing outside her scope of practice on a frightfully regular basis thanks to budget cuts in the police department, also acts as a general physician, practices western type medicine and willing to pull a McGuyver if needed on the field.

Socioeconomic status: Somewhat high, being a doctor, but it doesn't look like it because she's such a cheapskate at heart.

Social status:Respected, but feared by some. She's got a lot of talent, but those who truly know her connection with Charlotte are fearful that the BVG gang will come knocking

Likes:medicine, biophysics, cyberkinetics, sharing information, helping wounded guards and helping kids get better, good bargains, autopsies, loves to learn about different techniques.

Dislikes:rich snobs, lazy people, cheaters, overpriced goods, gangs, injustice and prejudice

Personality:Casey is a hardworking individual from a blue collar sort of family. Her profession has her bumping around with the upper rungs of society at times and she absolutely hates it. She's very fond of taking care of the community and helping it flourish. Also has a deep respect for guards who put their lives out in the line of duty. She is a no-nonsense type of gal and will not mince words if you piss her off. She used to brawl in the streets and still has that tough streak in her and will stand up for what she believes in. Often this gets her into trouble when she oversteps her boundaries and does investigations on her own because she is passionate about solving the case during her autopsies. Her matter of fact attitude also gets her into fights because she never really picked up "sugarcoating" and her tact is lacking. This can also distress patients because she prefers to tell the truth bluntly than in a more presentable manner.
It's often hard to take her seriously when she's angry as it just seems impossible with her countenance and tender-hearted personality. Be careful though, pushing her too far will put her at odds with her gentle nature, especially when someone she cares about is being threatened

Ambitions: To assist the guards in anyway she can and to help provide medical service to the slums, especially to poorer families.

Habits:Her tail often shows her emotions more than she does, and will display movement patterns when she is especially angry, stressed, sad or happy. She also has a tendency to babble on when she's excited about medicine or robotics in regards to helping amputees. When meeting people for the first time, she has a habit of staring at them, usually to see if she can gauge their character, especially by looking at them straight into the eye.

Sexuality:presents self as asexual due to beliefs about how a doctor should appear to patients and coworkers. Actual sexuality is confined.

Marital/relationship status:single

Known family/friends:Has a twin sister who's one of the notorious leaders in the BVG gang, but nobody knows the connection. As far as she's concerned, her real sister is dead to her. More recently, Beverly Blacksheep. Devin was a childhood friend murdered by Charlie and Widow in an effort to force Casey to come to the gang by isolating her from the few friendships she had and attempted to convince her that pain would only stop if she swore loyalty.

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Charlotte "Charlie" Reid----currently known as "Big Red" and one of the rising stars in the BVG Gang. It was Charlie who convinced the gang to take in an armless girl named Veronicka, getting her the needed parts to allow her to assume her new persona as Widow.

Relationship to family/friends:Constant conflict with Charlotte (Charlie) Reid, aka "Big Red" who is attempting to coax Casey into the BVG gang due to her own sister issues and the unique position Casey holds with Aekean Guard. Charlie is a familial concept of yandere, magnified by the drugs that warped her mind.

Brief history:Growing up in Aekea, Casey had parents that were mostly tough love types that worked in the factories that helped manufacture robot parts or whatever human labor industry had not been taken over by robots yet/purist groups that insisted on human only labor for their products.
Her father suffered a grieveious accident in the factory, maiming his arm. Both Casey and Charlie were latchkey kids that had begun to be wild ruffians that often played harmless pranks on neighbors.

Fearing that her children would both grow up and join with a gang, the twins' mother had decided the family would be better off in Gambino working janitorial jobs and waitress jobs at the casinos than the brutal labor required here in Aekea, especially since the twins' father had become a bitter and resentful man that he could not help support his family due to the nature of the injury.

For the Reids, it was a monumental decision. G-Corp still hadn't been closed due to their shady practices, and unaware of the true price she was about to pay, Casey volunteered to be a part of their longitudinal cybernetics program to help disabled Gaians that had lost the use of their arms. Charlie, not to be outdone by her twin, also volunteered. Thanks to improper paperwork and confusion with the twins over who was getting what, Casey managed get be assigned for both the spinal upgrade and the nanotechnology prosthetic program--it was supposed to be the next generation of mechanical limbs for cyborgs, with appendages that could repair itself unless completely drained of their battery force or being destroyed by super powerful electromagnetic waves. For compensation of loss of limb, time needed for studies, G-Corp offered to pay for private education and an opportunity to receive a degree. Unintentionally and cruelly cut out of the deal, it was the start of Charlie's jealousy towards Casey and a growing paranoid fear that she would lose her twin forever as she saw Casey less and less.

Anything else: She loves to bake as a stress relief from her gory work and demands of trying to be a philanthropist in the slums of Aekea. As a result, she's constantly baking goods for the soldiers at Aekean guard.

Her good deeds has allowed her to network in curious fashions, namely at Aekean General, where she's able to have paperwork indicating that a soldier when in the hospital, when in reality, she takes them home and performs field medicine so that they do not have to take more time off leave than they have to or if they got injured doing something under the table and didn't want HQ to know about. As a result, she's got her own set of medical tools and medicine stashed away and has largely been regarded as a keeper of secrets. Her dealings with helping some of the soldiers have earned her some degree of unspoken respect, which is something she craves immensely.

As of recently, she's been evicted from her home and is looking elsewhere to live. Currently she is holed up with another character, Beverly Blacksheep, a former sergeant who was dishonorably discharged.

Casual Outfit: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Baking: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

At work: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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