1: What are you wearing? Dark grey sweatpants, black tshirt that has Charlie Sheen's face and "WINNING"
2: Ever been in love? I am right now. <3
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Two.
4: How tall are you? 5'10", 5'11" ish
5: How much do you weigh? Around 165-170 pounds I think
6: Any tattoos do you want? Thinking about one for my grandfather
7: Any piercings that you want? Every once and a while I think about getting my bellybutton pierced but then it's just like ew no
8: OTP? fork x spoon = 5evr
9: Favorite Show? The Walking Dead
10: Favorite bands? Oh God... Stone Sour, OOMPH!, Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, Ludo... a ton others...
11: Something you miss? Hugs from my grandparents and hearing their sweet voices and laughter. <3
12: Favorite song? No One Loves Me And Neither Do I by Them Crooked Vultures
13: How old are you? 19
14: Zodiac sign? Pisces
15: Hair Color? Currently, red and blonde.
16: Favorite Quote? "meow" - my cat
17: Favorite singer? Michael Bublé
18: Favorite color? Red. But I like blue more.
19: Loud music or soft? LOUD
20: Where do you go when you're sad? Usually just curl up in bed to be warm. Sometimes I'll just go for a pretty long time... Other times I go out to where my grandparents' ashes are buried.
21: How long does it take you to shower? Depends on if I'm running late or not. If I have a lot of time, I will shower as long as possible.
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About a half hour. Shower, dressing, makeup, hair, food.
23: Ever been in a physical fight? Yeah. They never last long and I always win. emotion_donotwant
24: Turn on? Facial and body hair omfg
25: Turn off? Hair longer than mine, douchebaggery
26: The reason I joined Tumblr? Curious why everyone thought it was so great
27: Fears? Dentists, large dogs, being abandoned,dentists, anything with more than four legs
28: Last thing that made you cry? A misunderstanding with Rich
29: Last time you cried? Thursday I think? Idk
30: Meaning behind your url a variation of my usual screenname
31: Last book you read? I'm reading Game of Thrones right now
32: Last song you listened to? Honestly by Dommin
33: Last show you watched? the local news
34: Last person you talked to? my mom
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? He's my amazing boyfriend heart
36: Favorite food? Camaro burgers from Tailpipe's emotion_drool
37: Place you want to visit? New Zealand
38: Last place you were? My uncle's house
39: Do you have a crush? Think it's a little more than a crush heart
40: Last time you kissed someone? Yesterday (:
41: Last time you were insulted and what was it? I honestly can't remember
42: What color underwear are you wearing? red
43: What color shirt are you wearing? black
44: What color bottoms are you wearing? dark grey
45: Wearing any bracelets? The same two I always wear; a black bracelet that has a blessing in Italian, and the red and blue string bracelet I made for me and Rich.
46: Last sport you played? Is tag a sport?
47: Last song you sang? I sang along to Can't Hold Us by Macklemore
48: Last prank call you remember doing? Never did a prank call
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Yesterday
50: Favorite movie? Tod Browning's Freaks