Hey everyone! cat_4laugh
I'd just like to write about my experience on Gaia so far c:
So far, I met some pretty great people. Some of those people include Katie is a neko, PrincessTiffanyDevil, Cleveland Steamah, pikachoochoo, and a couple more. c:
Though, on my first day i did run into a weeaboo on zOMG. She called me "miss I'm a slut" and told me to leave, then kept saying she was hugging me and putting up happy faces. x.x weird.
Also, today i ran into some swagfags who were calling me gay, a loser, a hoe, whore, racthet, etc. One also said i'm jealous cuz "I'm not as beautiful as his babe" and "i ain't got a man like him". But..I do. And he's making a gaia account today or tomorrow. You guys can all meet him :3 if ya want.
Idk why there has to be swagfags on this ite though. So annoying..
But overall, Gaia's working out pretty well for me. :3