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Understand me that is all i wish for.
Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood

A girl from the ages of 8 years old to 21 years old lives off in town with her mother. Her grandmother lives off into the dark forest of England. There are sittings of a big hungry wolf in the forest. Hunters tried to catch him since there was news he was wondering in the logging camp. Unable to catch this wolf or kill him they send warning to town. About this time the grandmother of the girl has fallen ill. She is growing weak in her old age. After falling down one day in her garden she is bed ridden for rest. She sends news to her family in town that she is alright and what has happened. Red, the girl's nick name given to her because she is always seen with a red cloak and hood her grandmother made with love and care. Red hears of this news and suggests to her mother they bring medicine and some goodies in a basket to her grandmother. Her mother agrees and sends ridding hood on her way. However, she dose warn her daughter of a betraying wolf in the forest. Red nods and promises to stay onto the path and do not wander from the path. Wolves hardly ever seen on the path. On her way to her grandmother's house Red comes across the wolf. She is fearful of the wolf but he dose not show any sign of attacking nor that he was hungry. 'Where are you going miss red?' he asks her. 'To my grandmother's house.' She says. 'all alone?' he asks. 'yes.' she responds. Red Ridding hood is a very smart girl. She knows the wolf is cunning with his words so she presses on ignoring him. He can not step onto the path. He follows from the side on the forest edge. 'I hear there is a short cut ahead it will take you to your sick grandmother much quicker.' Never hearing of the short cut before and remembering her mother's words Red walks on. The wolf then promises the little girl that he'd see her again as he leaves. He's on his way to the grandmother's house. Red continues onto the path which takes another hour. Coming to the house she knocks ont he door before entering. 'Grandmother!' she calls out 'It's me Red! I'm here with medicine and goodies for you to help you get well!' she called. Coming in she sees her grandmother in bed. Walking to the bed the wolf who has already came and eaten the poor girl's grandmother is in her clothes and is covered up by the blankets to hide himself. 'Why thank you my dear.' The wolf says. Red gets up to the bed setting the basket onto the bed besides her grandmother. Looking at her grandmother she notices some features that were a bit off. 'My grandmother what big ears you have!' Red exclaimed. 'All the better to hear you with my dear.' was the reply of the wolf. 'Oh but what big eyes you have grandmother!' she spoke again. 'all the better to see you with my dear.' The wolf answered again. 'wow grandma! What bit hands you have!' The wolf only replied 'all the better to hug you my child.' then she looked to the mouth 'what a terrible mouth you have!' she spoke. 'The better to eat you with!' The wolf growled. Just as he spoke these words he jumped up and attacked Red. That day both grandmother and granddaughter were devoured by the wolf. Pleased with his meals that day the wolf fell sleepy. He laid in the bed and took a nap. Out side a woods man who had been searching for the wolf took a break to see his dear friend the grandmother. Coming to the house he walks inside seeing the bloody mess in the house of Red's Demise. In furry he took his great ax and chopped the wolfs stomach thinking some how they might be alive. Only to find the red hood being the only thing left of the girl. Guts spilled on the bed as the woods man was striated then seeing the remains of the dear grandmother. Raising his ax up he took the head of the wolf to bring with the red cloak to town to bear the bad news. And that was the story of red riding hood's demise of caring for her grandmother's well being and the great wolf who ate her.

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