I have yet to find a good topic to type about, which is why my entries have been rather scarce lately. Ideas flee from me when I near them as animals do when they discover a hunter. They gallop and sprint away from me, far beyond the trees and shrubs that only serve to slow me down to the point where I have no hope if catching up and am forced to give up the pursuit. Whenever an idea does so happen to grace my mind, it's at school, or while I'm away from the computer, giving me nothing to truly document it. I know I could write it on paper, but it wouldn't be the same. When an idea approaches, it sets something in be aflame and that blaze is short lived. I must either act on it as soon as the thought arrives, or give up on the hope of writing about it. It's an odd kind of passion that fills me whenever I get an idea, and it can't be replicated. It must be typed once and only once, so that it doesn't lose the vehement feel. Retyping it would be the same as killing it and killing a thought can be quite a serious crime depending on the idea.
I suppose I could discuss more controversial topics, but those are, well, controversial. It is not my intention to offend anyone, so bring up something that could be found hurtful is something I'd rather not do. I could rant as well. Maybe find a current news story and just complain about it fervently, but whenever I rant, it tends to involve something controversial, so that only brings me back to the beginning with no progress.
I could just tell everyone to suck it up and realize not everyone thinks the same way as they do, and besides, my journals have about ten or twenty views each, so barely anyone even reads them, so it's not like I'd turn my entire friends list against me.
The tricky thing about controversial topics is that they tend to reveal a side of you that you wish to retain and keep hidden from the public. It's something to be shown rarely, and only before those whom you love or trust. Anyone can read these entries as long as they know my username, and even if I were to confine the entry to friends only, I have people on my friends list who I barely know. They're practically strangers and the thought of them getting such a glimpse of me is horrifying.
I'll sleep on it.
Or think on it, since I don't feel an ounce of drowsiness yet. It seems I've managed to successfully dispel it, I only had to drink a can of soda to send the troublesome thing scrambling for its life. The amazing things caffeine can do for us. And the scary things. That, however, is for another journal entry.
Well, my lovely PS3 is calling me, its controller beckoning me in a fashion which I cannot refuse. I've recently bought Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning and I must say, it has to be one of my favorite games. The graphics are decent, the game play is very engaging and the amount of quests is just jaw dropping. I've spent thirty hours on that game and I'm no where near done. There are long side quests at every turn, every NPC seems to be lazy and wishes to push their tasks and responsibilities upon you, rewarding you with great items and experience. And the class system is simply amazing. Tons of classes to choose from, and you unlock more as you put attribute points in your warrior, mage, or ranger skills. You can mix skills as well, resulting in even more classes, such as a warrior and mage combination, a red magician of sorts. It leaves nothing to desire, except for perhaps more inventory space but that is easily resolved with a glitch. Kill a backpack-selling NPC and leave. That NPC will respawn and have in its shop another inventory-enlarging backpack. So as I continue to slay that poor old man, my inventory will grow and grow and soon as I be able to explore for longer periods of time, no longer will I be forced to return to town to sell items, or even destroy them out in the wilderness if I'm too involved in a quest. I recommend the game to anyone who loves fantasy and RPGs.