I got some brochures from nut homes today. All these different types of medication they can offer me, as if the drugs is why I'm going. If I had none it would be that easy to get a hold of drugs I might have plead insanity a long time ago. Socially unacceptable is a phrase I continue to find myself saying, and thinking about. Which part of society is finding me unacceptable? Should I want to be a part of that society? I've been thinking about murder lately too. I think about criminals, and what would happen if I became one. People kill people for two reason profit, and revenge. Yet every time I think about murder it's the idea of curiosity. The idea that I might just have more fun if I was pulling someone's eyes from their sockets. I don't think I'd really care what the outcome was as long as I was amused. The perfect way to live life. Society however wouldn't allow this, and the criminal society may not even like me. I may be alone in this field. It doesn't hurt, and I don't fear it. It's just it would be more fun with someone else. I saw a dead animal today too. It was really cool, it was a cat. It looked like someone had cut it open. Which was new I usually see road kill of some sort. To think someone out there is killing cats. This means I'm not alone, there are other twisted ******** out there. It may be just a cat, but that's where it starts. The unnatural curiosity, whether it be frogs, cats, dogs, rats, it doesn't matter. It all begins with one torture. Then it all seems like you can't get enough. I'm starting to remember my childhood. It was short, and twisted, but it was mine. With all these new memories I have the urge to kick start this "life". Living everyday as if it were my last, because who knows it just might be. Life is short, and even shorter for some.

I am Jack's mind scalpel.