Since I was such a downer with the last journal entry, which was yesterday's, I decided to put another one.
One that's not so filled with paranoia and anxiety..and depression..
*cough cough*
I haven't been doing much since I woke up..
I don't recall doing anything at all..
hm.. ' H'
Well..I'm just gonna forget about the nightmares I had and keep that one dream in my memory vault.
Hmm..I wonder what else I can say..
I really feel like watching The Shining..
Too bad I don't have it.
I've just been watching Justice League.
I'm gonna be home all day but I should probably get to my chores..
I've been listening to The Adicts a lot more, which is pretty cool.
I heard my two elementary teachers cuss when I went to visit them so that was funny.
I don't remember if I've mentioned the book I'm reading.
It's called Porno by Irvine Welsh.
It's a sequel to Trainspotting and it's pretty good.
> u< I missed the characters!
It's not all about porn..
I'm going to the Art Institute in Hollywood after I graduate and I'm going to be picking up my schedule next week.>m<
My prom is next Saturday, but I don't mind that I don't ave a date..ish.
I'm doing fine..ish.
Ughh..negativity..- H-
I wanted this to be more optimistic but I suppose this is the best I can do on a Saturday..I can hardly gather any thoughts..

Midnight, The Stars and You by Ray Nobles & His Orchestra
Midnight, with the stars and you;
Midnight, and a rendezvous.
Your eyes held a message tender,
Saying, "I surrender all my love to you."

Midnight brought us sweet romance,
I know all my whole life through
I'll be remembering you,
Whatever else I do,
Midnight with the stars and you.

Like a Dolphin, a poem by Charles Bukowski
dying has its rough edge.
no escaping now. the warden has his eye on me.
the bad eye.
I'm doing hard time now.
in solitary.
locked down.
I'm not the first nor the last.
I'm just telling you how it is.
I sit in my shadow now.
the face of the people grows dim.
the old songs still play.
hand to my chin, I dream of
nothing while my lost childhood
leaps like a dolphin
in the frozen sea.

The first is a song that plays at the end of The Shining
and the second is a poem. ^u^
Though I'm not sure if they're optimistic or not..= H=