Now that I have some coffee in my system and have calmed down some, I tried to fit in as much information as I could remember being told. Some of it may or may not be relevant. Will update whenever I find out or remember anything else:

Name: Erhard Muller
Alias: CR, [???] (Prison Number)
Age: 26
Gender: Male

*Is supposed to be a surgeon, but is a cleric (?)
*Blamed for the death of many students at his college (?)
*Sentenced to [???] years to life; prison is 'the fridge' [Room 305, w located at Resurgam Hospital]
*'The fridge' is really cold (???)
*There's apparently a 'fridge' back at his church as well
*Has no qualms on operating on himself; injected kyriaki into himself and did 'open-liver surgery' in front of 30-40 homicide detectives for the first lesson of our first aid class

*Made me a cake once. It was delicious.
*Also attempted to make me crepes. He was very thoughtful on that one.


Name: Rose
Age: 11 (supposed to be 17)
Gender: Female

*Pandemic towards everyone on the unknown college (?) campus Erhard was attending
*Uses her brother's stomach as a passageway from her basement to his location.
*Controls her brother's body; threw out his eyeballs and replaced them with her own (?)
*Has tendrils that no one is apparently supposed to touch
*Methods of playing are rather sadistic
*Appears to not really know what happened to her brother. (?)


Name: Unknown, he's a surgeon at Resurgam hospital.
Age: ?
Gender: Male

*Explains that there was a dimensional shift and that he, his friend Gabe, Erhard, and everyone that's from their world came to ours somehow. (?)
*Needs to find everyone that came here to Gaia and leave.
*Everyone (including Erhard) upon returning would lose their memories of Gaia and everyone that they've met.
*Doesn't want me under any circumstances to tell Erhard the truth about the memory loss. If he happens to find out, his friend Gabe would 'reset him' with a 'button' somehow. (?)


Name: Gabe
Age: ?
Gender: Male

*Is currently keeping secrets from everyone regarding who and why they're in Gaia. (?)
*Wears goggles that his friend claims that he can see things out of. (?)
*Has the ability to 'reset' Erhard's memories. (?)