Bury your hair cuttings and you will never get a headache. If a bird builds a nest with your hair combings it will give you a headache. The combings should be kept in a dark place to prevent headaches. You can also hide them under a rock where they can not be found. If you keep a boiling kettle in your room you will not get a headache. Carrying a buckeye in your pocket also prevents headaches. Rattle snake rattlers in your hatband will also prevent headaches. Don't put your left shoe on first or you will have a headache. If you have a pulled tooth you can wear it around your neck to rid yourself of headaches. Washing your head with snow water on Good Friday will also protect you from headaches. Sitting inside a house with your hat on will cause a headache. Wear a match in your hair to prevent headaches. Don't cut your hair in March or you will have headaches throughout the year.