Don't choke me..
Don't even think about it..
Nevermind..I don't care..
I feel like crying and I think I'm gonna cry but I can't.
Not right now..I can't. I don't wanna cry but I have to and the tears are gonna come pouring out any second but I don't want that..I really don't.
And I can't say much because I can't tell much..
I can't tell you why and I can't say how I feel..
That's a lie..I can tell you all that, I just won't.
And I'm confused and doubting and having a bad anxiety attack in secret..
At least in secret in my house.
And I'm trying to listen to music to make me feel better but if anything it makes me feel worse..
And my dreams, the ones that are usually so precious to me, are choking me.
They're choking me and my breath is short..
Its choking me, my throat feels so tight and I can't breathe..
I can't really breathe..
But its just my anxiety.
I'm sorry..
But it could be because I'm just a crybaby..
I'm sorry..
But I keep dying and I don't like who it is that's killing me..
I'm sorry..for those of you who don't like apologies.. - H-