Apple's iPhone was introduced to the world by Steve Jobs and, in a short span of six years, he made smart phones the absolute necessity of people's lives. Be it for personal or professional use, it excels in helping us in both. It has also been importantly used as a productivity tool by many. It is used both in and out of the office. Making availability of information easy, it has removed all the physical hinders appearing in the decision making process. It has been estimated that approximately 200 million workers will utilize the services of Mobile application development arizona to edit documents, attend conferences, communicate via emails, and chat.

While the growth of mobile apps development has resulted in a number of exciting applications that make things at job or office faster, one must be wise in choosing the application to use. There are many applications, developed by mobile application developer California, that reduce the productivity of an individual rather than increasing it. There are also sophisticated apps that make even simple tasks complicated. However, there are certain truly helpful applications that are tried and tested. They have proved to be a hit at the work place. Let us have a look at two of them:

Brewster: Instant Rolodex: This handy mobile application assorts contact information from your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account. It lets you create attractive and in-depth profiles for your contacts.

Trello: Something More Than to-do lists: Trello presents tasks as columns on a virtual corkboard. You can add as many cards as you want to a List and then customize the cards with comments, checklists and attachments. By looping in other team members, you can assign cards to them and as the project progresses towards accomplishment you can move the cards to a different list. Interesting, isn’t it? It is great for coordinating high end projects among various teams.