I come from a BIGG family, so I always new that i would have lots of children one day. I just didn't think that day would come so soon. I was 18 when i became pregnant with my daughter, and turned 19 before she was born. Her father and I have been together for almost 2 years, and we were engaged WAY before I became pregnant. We have our problems but we make it work because we love each other <3 When my daughter was 2 weeks old her father came to a point where he couldn't do it any more and moved out. It was really hard on me. I couldn't fathom how someone could just leave their child. He would ask about her when we talked but then he asked less and less.. Soon he didn't ask at all, and we would fight constantly. This went on for over a month, and in that month he only saw his daughter maybe 3 times. It killed me inside to know that I loved my daughter more than anything and it seemed like he could careless. It hurt to know that a year and a half just went down the drain. All through my pregnancy he was the best! He gave me back rubs when my back hurt, rubbed lotion on my belly, talked to my belly, told me he couldn't wait to be a dad and hold to his baby girl. But that all changed when I had her. I had to have a C-Section, and while I'm supposed to be in bed recovering I had to be the one to get up and take care of my daughter. And its not because he wasn't there, he was, but I had to do it all by my self. After that month and a half when he was gone things happened and he decided it was best to come back and be the family that he wanted. I'm not saying that it was right for him to leave but its understandable, when your a teen you have time to go out and do the things you want but when you have a baby things change. When I found out I was pregnant I choose to give up my 'ME" time because I knew I wanted to give my daughter the best life possible and I knew that meant being responsible. But now my daughter is almost 3 months and her father and I are doing better then ever! He realized that all he wants is to be with me and his daughter and would do anything to make us happy and be the best dad he can. He got his life on track- he got a job, and is making plans to go back to finnish school. I couldnt be more proud of him. Being a young mother isnt easy but to me its worth it <3