I was doing well this morning, all the way until I checked my phone after my class. After that, it's been one long train of thought about if I had one wish that would condemn my soul for an eternity of pain in hell, what it would be.

I would want to go back in time to relive/change my past starting in the fifth grade. However, in this wish, I require the knowledge, skills, and information that I presently possess. I would beg for the added bonus skill of the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast, but deal still on if I don't get it. I would be willing to rope someone else down with me if I got the bonus.

At this point in my life, my soul is so worthless that if I went to some kind of hell, it would hold almost no power at all. However, if I fixed things up, I would be full of life when my soul was claimed. In this way, it would have lots of power and I would be ripe for torture.

As I am now, I'm dead already.