Well, I've finished four blog series in the last week: The Punisher for the arcade (again), the hilariously awful Guardians of the Hood for the arcade, Battletoads for the NES and the amazingly underwhelming WWF Betrayal for Game Boy Color.

I'm nearly done with the main path for Wario Land 2. Had a fun time checking the game out and learning how everything works. After 5-5, I get to learn about all the alternate paths and exits as well as all the treasures that can be obtained throughout.

If you haven't checked it out already, go check out PrinceWatercressLP. I do LPs of game but also have playlist containing longplays, TAS movies and playlists of LPs past and present that I have enjoyed or am currently enjoying. The channel is getting bigger and bigger everyday, so check it out and check it out often.