Rub a black snail over the wart then hang the snail on a thorn. Do this 9 nights in a row. ( Poor snails.)

Steal a piece of meat. Rub it over the wart then bury the meat. As the meat rots the wart will go away. ( Stealing is wrong and remember to keep the wild animials who will est the meat away.)

Take small peebles that equal to the amounts of warts you have. Touch each peeble to a wart and wrap the peebles in paper or clothe. Throw the package into a path or better yet on the wsyvto church. The person who finds it. Will get your warts. ( Giving your warts to someone isn't a very good gift.)

Apply eel skin to the wart.

Cross the wart with a new pin nine times. Fling the pin over your left shoulder. (Watch where you step.)

Cut an apple in half. Rub the two halves on the wart. Put the two halves together and bury the apple.

Impaled a frog on a stake. Rub the frog on the warts. As the frog fiefs so will the warts. (Another case of animal cruelty.)

Rub the warts with the hand of a dead man. ( Gross and creepy.)