What’s the matter? That last joke hurt?

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⊰ “Sapphire Sky”
⊰ The Wanderer, The Seeker, He Talks Too Much
⊰ Male
⊰ Bisexual
⊰ Thirty years old

⊰ Pandora
⊰ Informant
⊰ Summoner
⊰ Magic Marker


✔ ⊰ Fun-Loving
✔ ⊰ Open-Minded
✔ ⊰ Loyal
✘ ⊰ Impulsive
✘ ⊰ Brash
✘ ⊰ Impatient


Sapphire Sky is the name he gave himself after choosing to become a member of Pandora. He learned that he had the power to call animals, monsters, and spirits to his aid much easier than any other kind of magic, and with that knowledge and his own playful nature, he became friends with practically all the summons he had at his disposal. Ever since he could remember, he’s enjoyed making people happy, seeing their smiles and hearing their laughter. Once the war between Pandora and Arcanum began, he realized that his world wouldn’t have any place for laughter and happiness unless he fought to bring about a quick end to the conflict. He cast his lot, and hasn’t looked back since. Joining the group when he was twenty, he excelled at finding things others deemed irretrievable, and this extends to not only finding physical objects that have been displaced, but gathering information from disparate sources, piecing them together for others to see…


Basic: Katana Anima- A summon that brings forth a warrior’s ghost from the katana that Sapphire carries on his back. The ghost does a short slashing attack, commonly used to act as a forward attack, or a feint. The spirit dissipates when struck by magic, but is unaffected by corporeal attacks. This summon can be used multiple times, but only two Katana Animas may exist at one time. If the summon is used a third time, the first Anima disappears, and is replaced by the third.

Basic: Children of Sylph- Up to three small sprites, composed of intense light, are summoned and sent flying at opponents. Commonly used as a distraction. If they were to collide with the opponent, there’s a small chance of paralysis if hitting somewhere on the body, or blindness if striking their eyes. Effects are temporary, only about 15 seconds at the most. This summon can be used multiple times within a short period, but only two effects may be present at one time. Effects are negated by new ones, i.e. the spot struck by the latest sprite is the newest effect.

Middle-Powered: Defender Anima- Two suits of armor with tower shields appear and block incoming physical and magical attacks. They are slow, but powerful, able to absorb a lot of damage before dissipating. Their low speed prevents them from moving from the spot they were summoned in, but they are able to pivot in place to adjust their shields to continue defending. Like the Katana Anima, new summons of the Defenders replace the previous summons.

Middle-Powered: Ifrit’s Bathing Furnace- A Fire Elemental is summoned, and attacks whatever target Sapphire Sky designates. While the Elemental is powerful and can dish out lots of damage with distance magic and brutal physical/melee attacks, its defense is lackluster and it falls after several solid attacks.

Powerful: Spirit of Holy Dragons- A Great Dragon King is summoned under Sapphire Sky’s control; the dragon that heeds his call has solid defenses in the form of a thick hide, incredible damage output in breath attacks for long range, and claws and fangs for close-range, and an above average speed for dealing with threats to its wellbeing when on the battlefield. The Dragon is able to be healed by any ally unit, but cannot be buffed/debuffed as a compensation for this.

Sapphire Sky Likes: Spicy and sweet foods, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, teasing people, flirting, his summons, finding something new, finding something hidden, drawing, writing, making new friends, making new friends laugh, making old friends laugh, making enemies laugh, showing people the error of their ways, showing people there are other ways to do things, cracking jokes that no one gets, cracking jokes that everyone gets, cracking jokes that only some people get, using his magic marker to draw random doodles on monuments and artwork.

Sapphire Sky Dislikes: Bugs, having wet socks, getting rained on when he doesn’t want to be, losing a fight, losing an argument, bland food, super spicy food, having a friend get beat up because of him, having a summon get beat up because of him, losing a summon, losing a friend, making a joke and no one laughs, people yelling at him, having responsibility he didn’t ask for, doing escort missions, having to go all out to beat someone in a fight, losing something that someone gave him to guard, uncovering a ruin and not being the first one in there, finding empty treasure chests.

His Goals Are: To get his organization in a position to win their conflict, to become the strongest Summoner in the world, to be a complete Master of his respective fighting style, to meet his soul mate, to meet his best friends, to be able to tell the best jokes around, to get crowned the Graffiti King just once before he gets caught by the cops.

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