Theres nothing else in my mind besides the positive news i try and hide and wait for a while but somehow the negative gets through, i cannot beleive that the world is full of so much hate, ill still smile even when frowned upon because death has no set date, but its really hard too ignore it all when it is the very essence that surrounds you, but isnt it just what you make of it? i thought so. i still think so, allthough still adifficult process ill bite my tongue and smile all day long. what am i supposed too do when i break back on my vowes? tilt my head up smile and let that bad flow out. hmmmm. too many theorys too many make beleive facts how are people supposed too deal with that? keep moving on, no matter what? whats the point of supporting hatred and act like it isnt there when it is yes its unhealthy but ignoring it doesnt solve the problem now does it? i feel better