Hikaru pulled the covers up over them and held his brother tightly against him. He sighed happily. 'I never thought it would turn out like this...' He thought silently to himself as he begun to drift off into sleep. Kaoru curled up against him, breathing softly against the other's chest. They usually cuddled like this, but it was different this time, so different after what had just happened. Hikaru was barely conscious when he heard Kaoru's voice. "You still awake?"
Hikaru gave his twin a light squeeze. "Barely... why..." He muttered into the other's hair.
"Thanks for finally telling me your true feelings... I'm happy you did."
Hikaru slid his hand up into Kaoru's hair, massaging his scalp gently. "Mmm... I'm happy too..." He said, still half asleep.
"Goodnight, Hikaru." Kaoru closed his eyes and snuggled closer.
Hikaru had already drifted off into sleep, dreaming happy dreams of them together.

* * * * *

When Hikaru opened his eyes again, the room was light. He sat up slowly, rubbing his eye. He looked around the room, seeing Kaoru still asleep next to him. Suddenly the events of last night came back to him like being hit by a train. He looked down at Kaoru. 'Ahaha.... What was I thinking...?' He looked down at his hands, feeling embarrassed. Kaoru stirred and opened his eyes slowly. "Hikaru..?" He sat up next to him, still half asleep. Kaoru absent mindedly looked down, realizing his lack of clothing. He started throwing things at his brother. "AGHHHH!!! HIKARU WHAT DID YOU DO!!!"
Hikaru tried to shield himself. Suddenly Kaoru recalled what had happened last night. He stopped with a pillow held over his head and blushed. He slowly dropped it and looked down at his hands, balling up the fabric of the covers. "Oh..."