Date: 4/18/2013

Ive been on this site for 10 years now, all my veteran friends are gone. many things have changed since the good ol days. all the awesome things that occured during the carpool rally, both funny and horrifying. 2007-2009, the best years on gaia. The Grunny came out, and boy did i enjoy that. running in packs of grunnies, humping the shiz out of peoples legs. couldnt have been any better then that. but i was wrong, i met the one girl i would call mine as a grunny at the 2008 Olympics track. ill always remember that. MS.Sara Audrey. We did everything together, rallies, movies, hell even ZOMG when that came out. She became the main reason i ever came on after awhile. but when 2011 came around i was deployed to Iraq and had no internet access. I wasnt able to write her, call her, or anything and it killed.

i almost didnt come home on my first deployment unfortunately. went on a patrol outside of Baghdad, just a normal foot one. I had a K9 with me named Rose, she became my best friend through out that tour. Anyway we walked into what seemed to be an abandoned part of the city. That made us all quiver inside our boots. Rose ears popped up as she knew there was something wrong. I intentionally walked toward a little market location, just about 20 meters out of the opened from my squad, i had two others with me along with Rose. Moments later enemy combatants open up on my unit in the opened with a PKP Light machine gun. everyone scattered looking for cover as amazingly no one took a hit. (go figure for raghead accuracy.) they all return fire, my CO ordered us to clear out the market building we were at. me Rose, and 3 others start going through the market where we split up. Rose and I go inside what looked to be a office 2 story building. first floor was all clear, till i got up to the second floor. 4 total, one comes running out to get ammo for his AK, i whip my M4 up and fire twice, 1 round impacts his stomach, the other impacts his chest as he goes down. His buddy comes running out as i catch him with a 5.56 to his shoulder which spun him around. he rolled over struggling to get a round off but his AK jams as he looks at me with fear in his eyes. I shoot 1 round into his chest. His eyes become lifeless and still. i move onto the hallway checking 3 different rooms till i get to a wider one at the end of it. i walk through with my M4 drawn and ready. Rose growling so i know theres a combatant coming up. I walk into the room and instantly have an insurgent in my face, i kick his knee in as he struggles to walk a step back, i then butt stock him in the face with my M4 as he falls to his back. i then have another insurgent come off and attack from the right of me. he grabs me and throws me to the floor, as I Yell at rose to attack the one still on the ground trying to regain his footing. the other insurgent rushes to me. i get up quick but he rams me into the wall with all his might as we both hit. i punch him in his jaw as he falls back a bit. Then he whips out a knife, and i attempt to get my M4 up to fire but before i can hes right back at me as he cuts my sling off my M4 then cuts my arms as i drop my rifle. i Kick him back farther then before, and i take out my Kabar blade. the insurgent rushes me once more but i hiptoss him over as his knife flies from his hands. I attempt to slam my blade into his chest as he brings both his hands to stop it. but as it inches closer and closer to his chest he punches me with his left fist which pissed me off. i head butted him with my helmet twice then punched him. I finally got the opening and forced my Blade into his chest and twisted it counterclockwise as he let out a giant yelp. Rose by then was done tearing up the other insurgent and came over to me. i watched as the insurgent let his last breath out. Tired and panting i roll off of him. Rose came and started to lick my face as she laid in between my legs. i looked at her and she looked at me as i told her "That was way to close" in her eyes she agreed. I lit a cigarette and relaxed for a bit. The fire fight outside quieted down 5 mins later. we got out of there with the other 3 guys who came with. i was covered in blood from the insurgent. i returned home a month later on completion of my tour and received the purple heart for the cut on my arm.

when i got back home first thing that went through my mind was Sara. i finally got a hold of her and i never heard someone cry sooo much from hearing my voice. i was so happy to hear from her. months later things were back to the way they were. everything couldnt have been better, Till Gaia cash came out and all the noobs found an easy way to get rich. that pissed me off as us veterans had worked hard for our gold. but like always u can always tell whos the noob and whos not, no matter what they are wearing. but as good relationships last and end, well i was called for my 2nd deployment in the Kosovo province of Afghanistan. Sara couldnt handle another one, as much as she didnt want to she wanted to end what we had. i cant exactly say it was a horrible mistake on here part, i mean i cant blame her for doing it. i felt horrible, as i shipped to Afghanistan, she just couldnt leave my mind but a few months of the tour it eased out. nothing very specific about this tour i went on. a few firefights here and there. but it was more relaxed then normally. which isnt usually good. 2 months before the end of our deployment. We were on a patrol going through a small village, nothing special. I was in the middle of the Patrol as the first half went past what we didnt know was a VBIED. i was about 15 meters past it when it went off. everyone next to it was killed, probably 7-8 troopers, i took shrapnel in the back of my knees and legs. i fell backwards as the pain surged, i rolled over to cover those who were already down. after i was moved out. i was shipped stateside to recieve my second purple heart. i healed up and still serving today.

I joined Gaia in 2003, and still on for a little time. 20 years old, no more deployments for a while :] im happy to have written this down. Rose is apart of my family now i must wait to see what life has stored for me.