My mother got better, so much better
we sent her to the hospital yesterday, and i stayed with her overnight and didn't go to school today.
but now she has to stay for an extra 2 days because of other problems.
when we sent her, she had a fever of 104. which was terrible. the virus was, like, eating her. she shook furiously as if she was having a seizure and she couldn't stop it. if she shook anymore violently then it would've become a seizure.
maybe. idk. i've never seen an actual seizure, but i know that it's where your body starts shaking furiously and you can't control it.
also, the doctors found that my mom had a heart problem.
they did 3 CAT scans on her.
2 IVs
all this is adding up, i'm worried about m mom, and the medical bill.
considering we don't even have insurance..