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【.main info.】

Full Name: Zilvyrr Do'ervs ( Zzz - ill - v - ear - Doh- err - vs )

Nicknames / Aliases: 'Doppelganger'

Gender: Female

Bloodline: Metamorfa

Class: Monk

Nation of Residence: Jiuam

Character Rank: Trainee

Faction: ---

Titles Earned:

Played By: Chiyo Shimamura


【.vital stats.】

Speed: 9 + 1

Strength: 8 + 1

Energy Color: White

Hit Points: 780

Energy Reserve: 700


In my time of need... Zilvyrr may be a monk but having lived for well over three hundred centuries guarding the Nakamura clan, there had been many occasion that she would break the tradition of using a blade. She carries a single knife attached to her waist to be able to be drawn on the fly. Learning a weapon style for the weapon is counted as two individual styles in one due to Monks not originally being able to use a bladed weapon.

Battle Strength:
Magical Power - With a body enhanced by a primal form of energy, Zilvyrr has enhanced power and speed compared to many of the world's races. She can easily outmatch many in open combat.

-Magical Senses - Can recognize most magics and energy based attacks from opposing foes. Zilvyrr can recognize energy when fluctuating from someone and identity it through the chi.

-Quick Perception - Zilvyrr is quick and borderline inhuman reflexes.

Battle Weakness:
Bound by mortal blood - A guardian more than a monk, Zilvyrr is bound to be the servant of the Nakamura siblings, through each generation she has formed a very close connection to each one, loving each one dearly and will even sacrifice her life for them. This is seen as her greatest weakness as she can be dragged into danger at any time.

Natural energy - Zilvyrr cannot regain her energy from normal means, for she'll have to meditate and draw it from the planet.

Primary Element:

Advanced Element:
((Only if you have earned one, and it must be derived from your Basic Element))


【.character inventory.】


Spiked Cestus: Iron knuckle dusters to be used in either hand for close ranged combat.

Knife: A durable steel knife for a variety of purposes, cleaning game, attacking, survival, etc.

Armor: ----

Personal Belongings: Log Book, Sketch book, Medallians, scrolls.

Important Objects:
((Objects found during a Quest, Arc or RP that has great value / importance go here))

Various Items:
Charms - Various other religious symbols.

Camping Gear


【.character abilities and skills.】

Bloodline Abilities and Skills:

Natural Energy Absorption
C-rank (passive once learned)
This is typically the first skill a young Metamorfa learned. By using this ability the Metamorfa gains the ability to gather natural energy from the environment around them (which is their only form of energy they can use). When outside of battle a Metamorfa can use this skill to regain lost energy at 25% energy a post. But when in battle they may only regenerate energy equal to their rank (ex: a trainee regenerates energy at 40 energy a post). This is the only actual way a Metamorfa can re-fill their energy pool in or out of combat. (3 post CD when in battle)

Natures Knot
E-C rank
By gathering natural energy into a visible green sphere (Basketball to Wrecking-ball sized based on energy) at the end of a limb then smashing it into a person or object the Metamorfa can attack with destructive force, enough that if it hits the ground it'll leave a crater in the earth (size of which i determined by how large the sphere is). The destructiveness of the skill depends on the amount of energy used to conger it. (1-3 post CD. E= 1,D= 2,C= 3)

Natural Leaf
By focusing energy the user can summon small leaves made of energy that seem to disperse from there body, then shoot forth to attack the foe to deal D-ranked damage. (2 post CD)

Divine Protection
D-S rank
This skill allows the caster to make a glowing green sphere of energy around themselves and one other person to protect them from a attack one rank lower than what the energy the user spent is (ex: pay D-rank energy to block E-rank attack, pay S-rank energy to block A-rank attack). (3 post CD)

Contract type: Whole Family Guardian
Duration of Contract: Until when willingly dismissed by Fia Nakamura or when all three siblings are killed, thus ending the family line. This is extended to any future children the three may also have.
Contract Description: Formed over a hundred and twenty years ago, Zilvyrr had been forced at one point to form a pact with a man's eldest son and the rest of his linage to whomever may be born. She was bound then to the Nakamura clan, more specifically the blood of the man and all of whom would be his descendants. She would be their guardian, servant and eternal ally until the family line would end. For she is to assist all of the descendants till their death, be it a mundane task or even in combat. She's to protect them even with her own life.
Bonus gained from Contract: +50 HP, + 1 to Speed and Strength
Contractee's: Maxim Nakamura, Fia Nakamura, Michiyo Nakamura

Class Abilities and Skills:

Sensing Chi
Rank E
The Monk, who has opened themselves to the world, begins to see and feel the life energies of the creatures around them. It is different from a Seer's vision, but not by far. This allows them to see that which cannot be seen. This lasts for 3 posts.

Alone in the World
Rank D
The reverse of Sensing Chi, the Monk shuts their Chi off from the world, allowing them to escape the scrutiny of creatures that see in energy for 3 posts.

Iron Form
Rank D
The Monk focuses for a single post, using their energy to tense their skin, making it as hard as Iron. This stops D rank attacks, and can only be broken by a C rank attack, or above. This lasts 5 posts.

Chi Strike
Rank D
The Monk let energy loose in their hands, allowing them to hit astral beings, such as ghosts, as well as raising the damage of their strikes by a single rank. This is somewhat of a Toggle ability, as the cost decreases to a small upkeep of 5 energy a post.

Ralph Strike
Rank D
A well placed, and hard strike to the target's stomach, that causes them to feel the need to stop and throw up.

Chi Assault
Rank D
The user lets energy flow into their hands, and with a swift movement, the user discharges this energy towards a target. This discharge will travel into the distance until it collides with something.

Elemental Abilities and Skills:

Razor Darts
Rank E
Up to five leaves around you, or from a supply of them, fly out with a sharp edge to slice at the enemy.

Custom Abilities and Skills:



Chosen Deity: Rykros

Other Deities Worshiped: Otokoyo

Proven Faith: ---

Transgressions Against... ---


【.character description.】

Age: 342

Height: 5'6'' (Original Form)

Weight: 145lbs (Original Form)

Build: The original form of the girl is the appearance of a young teenager human with a more elvish appearance with long pointed ears and larger eyes. Petite in her original form, it can be changed

Eye Color: Brown (Original Form)

Hair Color: Black (Original Form)

Identifying Marks: Pointed Ears in original form, this trait commonly passes over to each of her forms as a personal preference.

Place of Birth: Unknown - Rumored to be not of the world.

Personality: A calm and serious type of creature, she is a monk with a mysterious air about herself. She's the loyal type and often one to protect those she has a 'contract' or a binding to. Caring not for the politics or dangers of the world, she is a monk of the original creator of the world that created the ones whom made the planet. She dislikes being seen in public, picking that trait up from the Kakurenbo's Nakamura clan as it kind of rubbed off on her. Instead of masks and the like, she assumes a completely different form such as an animal or a male. She is the desinated protector of three siblings most commonly referred to as the 'Troop'. The woman is rather indifferent to many and only shows hostility to those whom endanger the three which she protects and shares a rather intimate bond with the siblings, mostly acting as a sort of parent or mother figure despite protest.

Lovers: ----

Nemeses: Those who endanger the 'Troop'.

  • The 'Troop'

  • Any who endangers the 'Troop'

Personal Quote: "I am no one other than a guardian."

Theme Song:

Battle Theme:


【.character backstory.】

There isn't much known about the Monk and even more so about her point of origin, as her exact creation is a mystery in itself. From generations of a single family line, there are superstitions and legends of her that speak of a child brought in the night with long ears much like herself. Years pass and not a single year has aged on her, some saying she can take the form of anyone or anything, which is very much true. Her most common form was seen to be the same as spoken in past stories of the Nakamura.

What is known and what is true are two different things. The monk was born of a mysterious race commonly known as the Metamorfa. When she had been 'birthed' she lived in an awkward time, no parents and no true worry of death from disease and age. At one point it was said that a head of the Nakamura clan had taken her in exchange for letting her live for wronging the family. Again, not much had been known about the woman's true origin despite her being a monk of Rykros.