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Louis fiddles with the bulky red strong that dangled off of his Jack Willis hoodie. Something occupied himself other then the dazzling emerald eyes that imprinted themselves into Louis' jumbled up mind was better then anything. He would glance occasionally at Harry's feet that were stuffed inside a pair if scrummed up cream vans. His abnormally large big toe peeked out a spot, making it rise like a mountain.

Harry was playing with his curls that had escaped his gray beanie so he could ignore Louis' flawless flawless body. He wouldn't be able to pry his gaze away if he made contact with his toned torso, or stubbly jaw line from his lack of shaving. Harry knew that was one of the many things he hated doing daily.

Harry felt so wrong as to why he was having these thoughts play daily through his mind. He was taking longer to accept he was gay then Louis had.

Louis accepted it almost immediately. When he found himself commenting quietly in his mind about how right that guys butt was, or how perfect Harry looked every single day, he knew his sexual attractions were towards men. He hasn't came out yet, only his mum and Niall knew about any of it.

Niall could read Louis like an open wide book. Louis knew it would be impossible to hide something so big from Niall, so he plainly told him. Niall was shocked, yet impressed that Louis had finally admitted to himself his preference. And Niall clearly understood and helped out as much as he could, but since he wasn't attracted to men he didn't know what would offend a gay person, so he had to take a lot of precaution.

"So, what's with the Larry trend?" The Irish interviewer questioned curiously, for he had been seeing quite the things spiraling around on the Internet and in the media.

The question was harmless, nothing drastic. But to Harry and Louis that was the question they asked themselves on a daily basis. What exactly is Larry?

"Oh, that is the bromance for Harry and I. Fans take it to extremes and all that. We're clearly straight people." Louis lied flawlessly through his teeth. Harry kept a straight face whole he bobbed his head up and down, no one would notice how he was crumbling on the inside. That statement send Harry over the edge with sadness, but he went further.

"True event write fan fiction about it."

"Oh really? What's about it?" The interviewer pressed forward, although he already knew the answer. He shipped Larry whole heartedly as well.

"It's mostly about how my girlfriend, Eleanor, is hired to date me or cover up for Harry and I's relationship. Or how she dates me for publicity and then dates me, then I for Harry. It's pretty obvious we like girls people."

The crowd laughed mechanically, a big buttons alerting them they has to. Louis knew most of them didn't give a care in the world about that enological joke. It shouldn't even be called a joke, it's more like the biggest lie he has ever spoken.

The interviewer carried on and Harry kept a big shield on his emotions. Why had he even thought for a second Louis might haven been the slightest bit interested in him. He was just the young gay wad who had fallen for the only he boy he couldn't have.


Years passed, and now after a solid 8 years of being together as a band they decided to break up. With the announcement Liam had painstakingly gave, both Harry and Louis knew this was the time to speak there feelings.

Harry tried to approach Louis during the party they held, but shyed away each time. Once the dawn broke and everyone had left, and Louis and Harry went there separate ways, they never told there feelings. And each day they prayed for a second chance, but they were punished for missing the one they had missed.