Maybe something not that special or something important enough to ponder on about. Too most people, it's something that the girl who hardly spoke in Homeroom committed, or maybe a distant family member. Maybe it was someone really special to them, and then their whole point of view on it instantly changed. Too some people, the people who don't really put themselves in the perspective of those on the verge of taking that final fatal step, think that it is something to do just for attention. Something that could have been dealt with, and didn't have to reach this far of standards. But maybe, this was the only option they had left. Of course, there are many different simulations other then that one, but maybe that was the only one that was circulating in their mind. It was the only one that made sense at that time.

Too those people who are having suicidal thoughts, it is honestly the only thing that seems to fit as the product to your tricky math problem. It's the fastest thing that can allow you to stop working on it. People may phrase it in different ways, but that is the basic idea of it all, its not the simplest way to explain it though. But is suicide anything but simple? Isn't it that long and prodding thought, that shows up at the times of depression and despair, and won't leave even after everything has been resolved. It just can't leave after having it for one day, it may pop up again, because maybe at that time it made since, but you were too terrified to put it into action. That is until you finally get the courage to finish it off.

There are many different things that cause these thoughts, actually a wide variety. It can be that the permanent damage caused to your heart is too much to bear with anymore, so you decide to end your agonizing pain. It can be that you have received too many hits, and that last one just made you think that enough is enough. It can be from the rude remark, that wasn't even comparable to others you have been called, but it was enough to set off those million of voices, just telling you that it was your time to go. It had to be, hadn't you put up with enough for so long?

You may think while having tears streaming down your already tear stained cheeks, "What have I done to deserve this?" You haven't done anything. Nobody in this entire universe deserves the severe pain that you are going through, no one deserves that. You know why you are suffering from, at times, unbearable and excruciating pain? Because God knew that you were strong enough to handle it. Even if you do commit, you still were strong, you had to be for a period time before your loss.

Now, I used to be suicidal. I understand that at times, no matter what people say to me that I was put on this earth for a reason, I have to overlook it. I just have to ignore the compliments, and how I am meant to be alive. It's like, suicide has to be the only way to get rid of these unwanted feelings. But then, I know that maybe things will look up, and I have so many people relying on me. But, having so many people relying on you, can be a pretty large stress builder.

I just want you to know that your life is precious. Things are probably tough for you, and though it may take years for you to understand that when people say that you will survive through it, you will. I get emotional while writing this, but it's all so true! I just, I just want to know that I have saved someone, I want to know that you are still alive tomorrow. I want you to know, that no matter what, you are loved.

You will always be loved.