stupid stupid.

Weird weather. I'm not complaining; it's just weird.

For this next system, we're in that awkward middle strip where we have both rain and snow. Sleet is painful to walk in, btw.

Back to the stupid. I hate group papers. I've never done one before now, but I hate it already. There are 5 of us, so we determined that four people would write two pages each on a designated topic, and I would be the one to string them all together.

Nobody has sources. We need 10. Guess who has 11 tabs and four Word docs open right now. *sigh*

Four and not five, because the one guy in our group is a delinquent. They were supposed to get their pieces to me by Monday night; IT'S FREAKING WEDNESDAY NIGHT AND HE STILL HASN'T GOT IT TO ME.

oh frustration.

that and I just plain don't want to do anything.

I'm also behind on other homework. The blog thing was due Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure it's not getting done until Thursday.

At this point, I don't care.


Also, recital thing tonight was a fail. *insert smart comment here about a social psychology thing i learned about*

It's okay. It's a really neat song. I just can't play it in front of people.

ANIME DETOUR THIS WEEKEND!!!! I'm really anxious about it, because 1. I booked the hotel room, which happens to NOT be the one the con is at (because that hotel was full...) 2. I don't know how Jenna and Krin and I will navigate this thing-- alone? together? 3. They don't have social skills. 4. Everyone's in cosplay. I have none. 5. Food? Sleep? Homework?

otherwise, should be a blast. :]

So from here, we have to finish those two little tasks, then onto the following week:

Studio class and summer job training Monday.

Presentation to go with the group paper, along with an individual report of the whole shin-dig for Tuesday.

Read a book and write an essay on it for Tuesday.

Work Wednesday.

Tech final project (report, presentation, and manual) due Thursday.

Marketing test, also Thursday.

Final paper for social psych due Friday.

And a meeting that morning for off-campus next semester, and a future roomie date to Ihop (in fancy dresses haha) that Friday night.

Work Saturday and Sunday.

Interpersonal comm journals due the following Monday.

Nothing Tuesday.

Work Wednesday.

A word log (+research), along with a big final paper for history of English for that Thursday.

As well as a mini-paper for tech Thursday.

Band concert Friday.

Piano jury Saturday.

Nothing Sunday.

Monday-Thursday vocal jury and finals.


Have an extra week in the dorms while they clean out the apartments for us to live in this summer. Then we move to our REAL rooms for the coming year at the beginning of August.

... 8:15. k. LET'S DO THIS.