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The event "Holy wars Alabaster and Crimson" is finished right now, we can't take the war on other order together with the order where I live right now. The order where I live had made the war perfectly and they won 29 times and 8 times lost the war against the other orders, so I helped with the war against the other order. The order where I leave called "Forsaken Gods" and if you want to join the order. Then you need to download the game "Rage of Bahamut" and join the game and the order if you want to join us together on the order called "Forsaken Gods" Okay want to share the results of the order "Forsaken Gods" now!

~Forsaken Gods final results~
Rank: 4,214.
Forsaken Gods.
Leader: Juoku.
Members: 11/31.
Holy War Points: 138,166.
#5 within the Order.

~Order Ranking #4,001 - 5,000 rewards~
1x Man: Shield Guardian (Rare).
5x Holy powder (Personal).

~Order victory point rewards~
1x Man: Twin Sword (High rare).
1x Premium CP Claim Ticket.

Note: Although you have atleast 21 order victory points, you don't have atleast 30,000 individual holy war points, so you will get reward corresponding to 9-12 victory points!

~My personal ranking~
Rank: 78,695.
Level: 39.
Holy war points: 1,261.
Order: Forsaken Gods.

~Individual reward~
Ranked between 40,001 and 80,000
1x Man: Angel Queen (Rare).
2x Holy powder (Personal).
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