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••••••••••••••••XXHP: 780XX//XXEnergy: 700/700XX//XXStrength: 8 XX//XXSpeed: 9 (10 during a Dodge)XX//XXBloodline: VampireXX//XXClass: Dark Avenger


"I linger in the night, a servant to no one but myself."

Nokomis sighed, more debt to be in. The cleric was an... odd sort of person to say the least in her opinion. 'So, she's a voidsworn as well, they are seers too... My suspicion is correct. Crap' She thought and bit her lip in anger. There would be no threatening her anymore, for it was punishable by death to kill another of her religion, or cult. Whatever they called it.

The Vampire crossed her arms and heaved another sigh, fate had its odd way of toying with her, forcing the creature to abide by the will of humans and now a potential seer. Those who could see in the future or in the mind of another, peering into the deepest secrets that she had in her long life. For over two centuries she roamed the world in both paranoia and in an endless vengence to slaughter those who made her who she is. An avenger of the Void, and a predator of the night.

The nightmare, or whatever the man was, still had that unsettling pressure. It clouded her sixth sense but by now the Vampire was getting used to it. Something about him didn't seem human, if he was human at all. Yet this cleric was clinging to him like a lost puppy.


•••• Dodges: ( 0/4 )
•••• Distance: ( 3 / 50 Feet)

Nation: WormwoodXXXXFaction: -----XXXXDeity: The VoidXXAge: 263 ( appears 28 )

•••• Skills Used:

Soul Sense
Rank E/Passive
A trademark skill of all Dark Avengers, Soul Sense grants them the ability to sense all souls in their visible vicinity. Soul Sense shows a Dark Avenger each soul's distinctive characteristics -it's color, aura, size and power. Soul Sense reveals a character's Primary Element, and their Rank to the Dark Avenger. At the rank of Master, Soul Sense extends to a Dark Avenger's sense of smell and spans the breadth of a nation. This ability cannot be used to determine the health of a character, as the soul remains intact until it fades away completely.

Avedis Huehue Angelus