Dream Log: The night before april 16th 2013
I was with Shane, my dad, my sisters, my sisters boyfriend, and one of my friends (it was either Lost, Raven, or Steele) We were in this cafe looking place. Well it was a cave, and it was filled knee deep with water and had a little mini waterfall in it. It was actually very pretty because the water sort of glowed and like the little plants like mushrooms and even the bugs in there glowed. That was our only light source. There were water lilies in the water and it was pretty damn beautiful.
So me and my sisters and my dad met with Shane and the friend. And Shane and my dad were like face to face. It was one of those introducing the boyfriend to the family type moments. They stared eachother down for a while, well morel ike my dad stared him down Shane was all like "uh.. so.. yeah. uhm now what?" XD My dad didn't seem to have any problem with shane. This all went down as we were standing knee deep in glowing cave water, next to the small water fall. Well It wasnt small exactly, it was probably twice shanes height. Its small for a waterfall but it'd be very difficult to climb back up it. Anyway, me and shane decided to just hang out and play video games. We played this game that seemed Just like kingdom hearts or like a sequal to the games "Kh5" or something.
He was playing and i was watching, til he said he was getting tired so I played for a while. I think he may have fallen asleep.. And then i woke up.

Significant Event: April 15th 1023
I was sitting at lunch with the usual group. I was silent and distant as usual just eating my lunch while day dreaming about Shane. When suddenly i heard a familiar tune. Out in the quad the ASB students were playing music out of the giant speakers they had as usual and they played a song. They played "Everything" by Micheal buble. That song is one of our songs. The day dream i was dreaming of at the time was of both of us Being at catalina island, which is the place i went to vacation at last summer and heard the same song that was playing in a store while in catalina. It was a cloudy day that day at lunch and when I finally recognized the song, sunlight filled the area. It was like a sign. The day before i had seen "sleepless in Seattle" a romance that involved a lot of "signs" having to do with love. So maybe at lunch that was a sign. A sign of which i already knew. I love Shane and he is my sunshine. Which is why my days have been so heavy and cold. Theres been no sun. But it will be back soon.

-sigh- Welp. Yeah.