So, my mom is sick.
Like, seriously sick. but we got no insurance.
dealing with weak immune systems isn't often for us over here.
even with our house conditions.
but 2 days ago, my mother was worse. but now, all she has is just a terrible fever.
telling you this because, well, here's the main story that happened about 5-10 minutes ago;

My dad barged in saying that the kitchen had to be cleaned, and i was eating my cupped ramen and watching my kdrama... kekekekeke
so i went downstairs and i was about to do the dishes. my mother was laying on the couch, since she was basically on that bed up in the loft for like, who knows. my dad was talking in an outside voice for most of it before i did the dishes, and all i did was tell him to stop talking loudly, and my mom even complained, since when you have a fever, you do get big headaches. like, HUGE-a** HEADACHES
i got a tiny attitude with my dad, because after i told him to quiet down a notch, he got even more pissed and more louder...
then he just exploded and shouted and threw the food he was going to make my mom, and then i did the dishes.

me and my dad seriously never get along, and it's not just him if it seemed that way. there are rare times were we get along, but....
seeing that other kids have their dads take them to places, play video games with them, watch romance with them and sob with them sometimes, laughs with them while watching TV shows, takes them to parks and have fun with them, etcetc, i just wish i had a dad like that.
considering we are a poor family, he always talks about sponsors and ways to get money online and etc.
i always wanted just a normal father and daughter relationship.
why can't I just have that?
I try so hard. I don't yell at him anymore. I don't try to blow out on him/explode.
i don't. at all.
so why?
why can't I just have fun with him..?