I think his absence is whats making me suddenly become all clingy. it isnt really an absence really.. well. its been a week and we've talked maybe for 2 hours in that whole week. But he's busy so i should stop whining about like a sissy XD not that anyone else who would complain about something like this is a sissy.. just me. I need to keep strong, life might only get harder from now on. Gotta stay positive and keep goin and all that stuff

Oh thank you pandora for putting on a sappy love song. -hint of sarcasm- but eh its a good remix of the song actually.. Anywho. I hope i get to see him soon.
Yuh know im really tired of all my friends fighting, just everyone, you know who you are, because its ever single one of you. I'm not angry persay, and most of you have a great excuse to dislike the other person. I'm just tired of it. It make me depressed and you being all my friends you all help build me together. So for all of you to be apart and distant towards each other makes me feel broken. I wish i could get all my friends put them in a room that no one can leave until Everyone has said everything they Needed to say and dramas solved. Even if some leave crying, as long as we all know the truth and move on. It will be better. I dunno i mean What do i know right? I'm just some chick whose nosy clingy and Used to be fun and charming. Until i grew up and realized i was even more annoying than i am now. -sigh-
Being a teenager is hard, too many emotions to emit and crap XD augh. Welp. Hopefully putting all my emotions on this will drain me out so i dont randomly break down crying again.. Ah, there i go again. Gotta stuff that emotion away. Nope owo no tears today, hopefully. XD
Hah. =w= I'm so.. I'm just contradicting of myself. Im all chill and happy then all depressed lonely and dramatic the next. Aw well.