Friday morning:

last night I had a dream.

I was sitting in a tree, or some higher platform in a forest. There was a giant concrete pipe in the distance, and I was sitting there watching it. Then it flashed back to a few minutes earlier. I murdered someone in that pipe, a man who was bent on killing me because I knew something. His girlfriend (who was abused by him) found her way to where I was, and was wondering where her guy was.

Turns out, she wanted to kill him, too. I showed her what I had done, (and got confused, because it felt like she had also helped in the deed...) Then we heard voices. People coming towards us. I said something along the lines of, "We need to leave NOW."

Next thing I know, we're overseas. Said girl found a really nice older woman that would take us in in her basement under her froyo shop or bakery or something (xDD). I disappeared into the basement, and pretty much spent all of my time there.

I was dreaming about the first time I went up to the shop (... yeah, it was a bakery...). I was scared shitless. When the other girl and I finally got up to the cash register, the lady said, "So this is Monday. Nice to finally meet you."

Oh, yeah. Somewhere along the lines my name had become Monday. By the time the lady called me that, I had forgotten the origin of the name, eventually figuring out that it was because the murder happened on a Monday.

And I liked it.

Then I had to venture around outside (reminiscent of Jamaica), before finally sneaking to back to the basement (after two separate scenarios where one time i called attention to myself, the other I snuck away quietly)

Friday night:

so fast forward to the rest of today. After i got up, i had breakfast, went to class, proceeded to spend 45 mins on my makeup, went to lunch, curled Emily's hair, went to class (presentation went well!), played in a recital, did my hair (classic royalty updo), did Kim's hair, and did Bethany's hair.

I was getting super frustrated with Bethany's 'do, because I've done it THREE TIMES before successfully (something of a french fishtail fibbonacci spiral deal haha), but this time it refused to work. which left me with only half an hour to finish my prep.

so I was stressed. I felt crunched for time, and there was SO MUCH left to do... re-touch my own makeup, get the surprise stuff packed, find jewelry, get perfume on, etc.

But what set me off was the belt.

or lack thereof.


I tore the entire dorm room (both rooms, actually) apart looking for it. Seriously, after only a few minutes of frantic searching, there is a single path to get between the rooms, and even then you have to step over stuff.

Then proceeded to freak out. I cried very hard for a few minutes (Kim was utterly at a loss as to what to do), collected myself, gathered up a bunch of s**t (makeup, three other belts that could be replacements, hair stuff, my purse and coat, etc), power-walked back to B and E's room, dumped it all on the ground, and proceeded to cry again.

Awesome friends are awesome. I was standing there in the middle of their room, crying my eyes out over the belt and how shitty I felt about myself, and how this whole thing was a bad idea (as I predicted I would feel), while Bethany is grabbing one of the belts and wrapping it around my waist and telling me how beautiful I was and how much fun we were going to have.

I eventually got over it, swearing loudly for screwing up my makeup for probably the 5th time today, and proceeded to have a good night. :]

You will notice on facebook that Bethany wore my royalty dress. She liked it. ^^

And as I sit here, I become weary. I need to clean up my mess, and go to bed.

My turn at the weekend radio shifts this weekend.

Tons of s**t to do this weekend.


Saturday morning:

Indeed, it has been an interesting shift.

had the spring auction from 8:30 until 10:30, during which I got some homework done, and finished designing karen's grad invites. Sat around and ate breakfast pizza, and overall just earned $14 "free" dollars. xD

writing 3 big term papers this weekend, along with 7 articles for tech, reading well over 200 combined pages for several classes (to be discussed in class... *sigh*), and preparing a presentation for Tuesday.


Monday afternoon:

I feel sick. My period must be coming, and my neck is out of place. This means I'm hungry. ALL OF THE TIME.


not to mention there was freaking BREAKFAST PIZZA this morning at the commons. wat. I was overjoyed, but it tasted a little funny...

then lunch was a burger without the top bun (too much bread), a bowl of froot loops, an ice cream bar, and a bowl of oreo ice cream.



papers are stupid.

finally starting to put together all the pieces for all sorts of projects.

61 tabs open on Chrome at the moment, split between five separate windows.

Nine word documents open.

life is interesting.

also, had a moment earlier today that secretly made my entire day (probably between clouds 3 and 4 right now...?), but i can't tell the person I would like to tell it to... bahahaha. :3

so. stinkin'. shy. and so. ridiculously. cute. yay for him talking to me! >.<

he even stopped by our room tonight, though he didn't really say much. (he was with some other guy looking for kim's boyfriend, figuring she would know where he was)

back to this paper. I've gone through probably three different thesis for it, none of which are really solidly supported by the random documents I've found.


and seven blog entries, and a rough draft of another paper.