I've been skipping diary time but I find it helpful now for releasing stress from the day.I've learned that I will be moving in with Jennuhh Moanrie-my girlfriend.It's a bit odd but she's the first person who reached out to me when I transferred.I will miss the mountains a bit-actually,I won't miss them as much I do Antarctica.I was raised there and my family is there.Father will be moving back to Antarctica but he said he'll send me pictures and letters.I hope I will see them soon.The reason for moving is because school is too far from even our spot in the mountains-but it's a good thing we I found out now because my "rent" -haha- in the house expired this month.As well as Father's.I'm excited to be closer to town so I can go with my new ghoulfriends places-as well as use the extra car Father has given me.