you are still in the heights of passion, love, and just living the ideal love life.
it's not my business, and you'll prolly have a LOOOOT of excuses to tell me after this.
oh well. who cares. i have my own opinion and say in things anyway.
i don't mind sounding selfish here.
i don't at all. know why?
cuz ********. cuz who cares?
I bet you think that the status's that me and chris make on skype are not to be overlooked.
you are in your own world, yourself being surrounded. this stupid silence happens once again. this exact stupid ******** silence.
i can't explain much right now, but i hate it. i do.
but i am also happy for you. because well, you seem to be all in one piece now after picking yourself up.
i was proud, now you are just jinxing what i was proud of.
sure, you aren't afraid to show your face on cam anymore or anything.
you aren't afraid to show other's who you really are, you aren't afraid to act crazy much anymore.
you aren't really afraid of anyone hitting the rocks, but dude.
Remember who you were before you guys got together?
Remember when you could just chill?
I guess you don't.
I'm not jealous, I just really dislike it when my friends let a girl get inbetween a nice friendship. If you don't remember the status on skype that me and chris keep posting, then i'll put it here;

"Never forget about your friends. Ever." -Rin
"I'm getting pissed off that someone can let a woman come between them and their friends..." -Chris

you should already know who you are. Don't need to reply or anything, i don't want to hear anything from you. I just want to remind you of this;

Don't let the relationship control you. As happy as you are, you can forget many things when you are. Alright? Cool. Think about it.

And to everyone else out there, best of luck to you.