Okay. Now I'm *really* doubting this Central Place (but oh, geeze, this place is so built up. Sent samples to the boss and Hang on, backing up.)

Alright, so today I met a *real* zombie. He didn't want my brains or anything. (Told El and I could hear her hold off on making a comment about my brains and so forth. Har har.)
Yeah, cool guy. Some sort of secret agent/police?
Anyway, Kung-Fu Zombie told me that apparently the sitch is a bit more strenuous than Miss Pet Sematary let on. Like, lynch mob crap. Holy crap, it is past 1600s/1960s, right?

But, oh geeeeeeeze. The people here! I haven't pulled this many nightmares in a long time. They're all anxious and they don't have any outlets for it. The dreams weren't bad too; Even if nobody will say it out loud, they all want a bit of magic in their lives. They still dream about it.

I sent the boss samples and what did I get to show for it?
DOUBLE BONUS, heck yeah!
Thank you, thank ya very much, Central.

You're going to be a great audience.