It's just a sloow day.. its sunday, he was online online for like an hour, nothing to do except watch movies on netflix.. -sigh- my emotions keep fluxing, its like im fine one minute than trying my hardest to conceal my tears. Its just odd. I'll be fine its probably my hormones blazing again considering the time of month. -sigh- Damn, i already sighed twice. Gotta stay possitivee, meh. I dont know why i'm so sad.. i mean if i really think about it theres nothing to cry about. Even the thing that is causing these feelings of depression,.. i dunno i guess i feel like i have to prepare myself for the worst.Which probably isnt even going to happen.. maybe we all just need to cry now and then. Or maybe im secretly an emotional masochist and has to feel sad and cry -shrug- Nah. that'd just be odd... I just wish he was online more i suppose..