I know, we all love those who we date. We want to spend every second and every minute of our lives with them. But yanno... as cool as that sounds (or creepy), it's not as cool as you think. You're friends lose their trust in you. They wouldn't want to hang with you anymore because they think they'll take your 'precious' time out of you and your special person.
Well, that's bullsh*t. I'm sorry. These type of attachments just, no.
You should love everyone equally, and treat everyone the same. Sure, you love that other person a lot, and you wanna treat them special. But do you gotta do it to the point where you are forgetting about your peeps?
You guys know the sayings, right?
Bros before Hoes
Sisters before Misters.
Take it seriously! Damn! Put some effort into your into your social life as well as your love life!! It won't be easy to balance them, but try! Never leave your bros hangin'. But that doesn't mean you should leave your girl/guy hanging either!
Treat everyone equally, but your special someone A BIT more then everyone else. Not like, everyone get's 30% of your love, and your special someone is like, 115%.
How do I explain this in better words...
When it comes to other guys/girls, and you are dating someone, and they like you, reject them. That's one good thing. But don't do it harshly obv.
Ugh, this is really hard to explain, but just never ignore your bros or gals.
They deserve the respect and attention prolly just as much as your gal/guy.
K? Even I am extra cautious with this.
Give it a try, and try to spend some more time with your pals.